Run of Full Episodes

Rick and Abby at NYE Ball 1995There’s the end of our current run. Here are full episodes in a row, divided into full episodes, given accurate dates. I’m going to keep working on going through this run of dates as I get a chance. I’ve also found some particular bits to point out so watch for them in future posts.

Dec. 20, 1995 – Dec. 25, 1995: Springfield celebrates Christmas, Holly and Fletcher discover Meg will have Down’s Syndrome, Vanessa and Bridget’s plan to share Peter is working well until Hart comes back, Roger is stealing money from his wife Dinah, Marian Crane is starting to unravel, Susan is in hospital after Marian attacked her, Santa Nick visits, Marah, Shayne, and Josh react badly to Reva’s Return, Special clips flashback episode from Dec. 25, 1995

Dec. 26, 1995 – Jan. 8, 1996: Springfield celebrates New Years with a Costume Ball at the Lakeland Country Club, A returned from the dead Reva makes her mark on Josh who is with Annie Dutton, Brent Lawrence/Marian Crane builds to crescendo, Rabby go on first unofficial date, Budig has a scene that defines her version of Michelle, Returned Hart has trouble with Roger, Dinah, Vanessa & Bridget, Marcus is in jail

Jan. 9 – 19, 1996: Brent Lawrence has Lucy Cooper held hostage, They discovered that Brent killed Nadine Cooper, J Chamberlain makes a successful play for his cousin Michelle Bauer (they stop at necking though), Reva, Josh, Annie, Marah and Shayne deal with the fact Reva isn’t dead and she’s with Alan Spaulding now, Dinah Marler Thorpe grows closer to Hart Jessup and then finds out his father/her husband Roger Thorpe framed her best friend Marcus Williams who is cleared of all charges relating to the Towers Robbery and Detective Cutter’s death. Rabby have a play date.

Jan. 22 – 26, 1996: Brent Lawrence still has Lucy Cooper. Lucy is playing for time and using her con skills to convince Brent she wants him and occasionally that she’s his mother. Alan-Michael gets a clue from Brent and gets Amanda to help him. Rabby slowly grow more romantic. When J heads to second base Michelle freaks and he reacts badly. Holly and Fletcher realize Roger set Marcus up for the robbery that landed him in jail. Alan geniunely offers A-M help to find Lucy, but A-M won’t trust him. Roger hears about the Brent Lawrence story, but doesn’t know everyone else is keeping mum to help Lucy so he puts it on the air. J sees it and spots Brent, but can’t get anyone to believe him before Brent gets away. The custody fight has upset both Reva and Josh, but Alan and Annie wonder if they are more upset about Marah or each other. Holly baits Roger into telling her he loves her so Dinah hears that and that he set up Marcus.

Jan. 29 – Feb. 2, 1996: Alan-Micheal shakes off the police tracking him to try and get to Lucy. Meanwhile Lucy is playing up to Brent to try and stay alive and get Brent to leave Springfield so A-M will be safe. Alan and Annie take the first steps in a partnership to keep Josh and Reva apart. Buzz steps up his campaign to get Reva to leave Alan for Buzz. (God forbid she be a strong independent woman without a man.) Brent captures A-M and locks him up in the lighthouse. Matt is still blackmailing Amanda, but Alexandra is smelling something fishy about their cover story. Marah Lewis is freaking out that she’ll have to go live with Reva. Roger is bringing him in to cover up his embezzlement of Dinah’s money. The Grants are having a nice family dinner. Nola outsmarts J about his car. Bridget is struggling with her feelings for Hart, meanwhile Hart and Dinah make love for the first time.

Feb. 4 – Feb. 9, 1996: Hart reveals to Roger he slept with Dinah to get revenge on Roger. Alan and Buzz team up to work on discovering and freeing their children. Lucy and A-M “marry” each other while they are afraid Brent will kill them. Hart takes Dinah to Ross’ office to start her divorce, but then bails. Ross tangles with Roger over the divorce. Nick McHenry shows up wanting to know what’s going on with cousin A-M. David admits he’s in love with Bridget. After a fight on the top of the lighthouse Brent is arrested, but claims he’s Marian Crane and seems to believe. Alan and Alan-Michael reconcile after A-M discovers Alan’s role in saving him and that Alan doesn’t care it cost him $10 million. Matt and Vanessa talk about Dinah. Blake Marler locks Amanda Spaulding in the Lewis Construction shack. Reva tries to explain to Alan the hold Josh has on her, but he doesn’t get it. Amanda has a dream that Ross shows up to rescue her as Dudley Do Right.

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