Ava and Jeffery and Olivia Christmas 2006

During Christmas 2006 Springfield was already skidding towards the second worst year in Springfield history so things are strange and people are acting out of character. That said this is one of the most layered stories as Olivia, her remorseful compromised consent assailant Jeffrey, and Ava became a family and it is interesting. I wish they hadn’t used Ava to shred so many stories before and after this one. The edits are kind of interesting on this. I think they have been re-edited, even scenes that should have still been part of the story seem to have edits in the middle. It has been edited to focus only on these three characters.


Olivia has revealed that before Jeffery got Richard’s face he’d date raped her which resulted in Asa. When he realized exactly what happened after her confession he felt guilty and when Olivia asked him to stay away from Ava he agreed. However, his paternal feelings are still coming out.

Olivia reminds Jeffery that he agreed to stay clear of Ava. Then Ava tracks him down in a bar. She tries to have a moment with him, but he ignores her and then tears up the note with her phone number in front of her. Even though he’d done his best to live up to the bargain Olivia pitches a fit at him when he tells her before she hears from someone else. Jeffery changes his mind and buys Ava a present, but when he shows up at Springfield Airport Coop is there alone and tells Jeffrey the best thing he could do is not give Ava a present and make her think they could possibly have a relationship when he would only eventually fail her again. Jeffrey abandons the present and leaves.

Jeffrey is hanging out at Harley’s, but feeling out of place. When Olivia shows up he starts to leave, but Coop comes charging in because he can’t find Ava (I don’t remember any of this so I don’t know what really triggered her leaving). Cooper accusses Jeffrey of causing Ava to run. She’s back at the bar where she found Jeffrey earlier getting drunk and about to be picked up. When pick up guy got handsy, Jeffrey intervenes. Coop comes along and Jefffrey goes back into the bar. When the guy he yanked off calls Ava a slut, Jeffrey goes at him, but Mr. super against/secret service of San Cristobel, pick wings off flies goes down hard up against a handful of drunks that would have fallen down on their own if he hadn’t done anything.

Frank calls Ava to tell her Jeffrey is in the emergency room. He’s beaten up badly, but says he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Frank told her about the present for her Jeffrey had and that Jeffrey had been defending her when he got beat up. She opened her present and found out they were earrings in her birthstone. Ava returns to the hospital the next day. Olivia finds her and freaks out again, but sort of seems to be softening towards Jeffrey.

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