“Kathy’s Gush-Fest to Paul Anthony Stewart — Bring Your Own Ice!” By Kathy — posted on the Mannyac Board.

Republisher’s Note: Here is another humorous post from The Rustle of the Sheets.

Manny in Surf 2

“Kathy’s Gush-Fest to Paul Anthony Stewart — Bring Your Own Ice!”  By Kathy — posted on the Mannyac Board.

I know. I am in dire need of seeing some Manny. We all are. And while we don’t know exactly when we will get that dog bone, I have come up with a list of things to think about while we anxiously await our much needed Manny!

So here goes … Top nine things to think about while waiting for our Manny moment.

1. Paul Anthony Stewart’s hands … Those hands are sexy. Just looking at the way he holds a fork is enough to get me hot. And when Danny is holding Michelle’s face, oh my God … I wish I was her! WHAT A MAN!

2. His voice … That voice can excite anyone, anywhere, anytime. He is the master of seduction and all he really has to do is say “hey,” or “yeah” and I melt. WHAT A MAN!

3. His lips … Oh my, Paul Anthony Stewart’s lower lip is amazing …, but put the top lip together with the bottom lip and you have the sexiest mouth I have ever seen. Can you all imagine what a mouth like that can do? WHAT A MAN!

4. His body … need I say more!!! WOOOOO! (Does anyone notice a trend?)

5. His face … He is indeed sexy. His face is so gorgeous. When he smiles, it lights up the screen.

6. His Eyes … The mirrors to his soul. He shows so much expression with those smoldering looks. His eyes are beautiful, couldn’t you all just stare into them all day and night?

7. His walk … His walk is even sexy. He has this air about him that makes every girl look at him. He walks like he owns the world, like he is confident. I love that!

8. His passion for what he does. Have you all ever seen an actor create this much havoc anywhere, anytime on a soap. I mean I watch for Manny, but Paul Anthony Stewart is the reason I started watching. He loves what he does. And I love watching what he does. WHAT A MAN!

9. Paul Anthony Stewart! … Thinking of him usually puts me in a darn good mood. Can’t really tell why though? Anyone have any suggestions why this gorgeous specimen of a man would have the power to put me in a good mood? (LOL!)

Okay, so, now I am embarrassed. Especially if he actually lurks here and read just how much I think of him … but I had to cheer up my fellow Mannyacs.


P.S. By the way, it is really hot in here. Barb? I think I need that icewater … and Cindy? … Where are those meds?



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