Red to Green By J. Hallmark

Republisher’s Note: A vignette from The Rustle of the Sheets.

Author’s Note: Summary: Michelle serenades Danny while driving as they reach the comfort zone.

Disclaimers: Danny and Michelle belong to those folks at Guiding Light. Darnit! “Crush” belongs to Jennifer Page, CD, “Sober.” Good CD — has a great Manny song on it.

Note: Teeny vignette that came to me in the car.

Red to Green By J. Hallmark

Red to Green Michelle sat in front of the wheel, softly humming to the radio. Danny slipped his seat belt on and at the sound, Michelle released the handbrake and set the car in motion. They sat in silence, a pleasant camaraderie filling the air. They were at last getting to the point where just being together was enough, words weren’t necessary and there was a comfort level to their interactions that was growing steadily with each passing day.

Aahh, Crush

played over a haunting melody and Michelle found herself singing along to the lyrics, “… let it be what it will be, don’t make a fuss and go crazy over you and me …” she paused and turned to look at Danny quickly, “do you mind if I turn this up?”

He shook his head and the volume came up almost immediately.

It’s just a little crush
not like I faint, every time we touch
it’s just some little thing
not like everything I do
depends on you

With every lyric, Michelle voice rose and her fingers twisted the volume up higher and higher until the song’s music and words and her voice filled the car. She glanced over at Danny a few times, and found herself feeling a little shy, but not embarrassed enough to quit singing … due, mostly in part, to the sweet smile on his face as he watched her in seeming fascination.

The chorus repeated itself again as Michelle came to a stop at a red light and then the bridge came on …

Vanilla skies

and Michelle turned to Danny and whispered in between the lyrics, “I love this part,” and she sang along, her hand resting softly on his thigh, her gaze locked upon his face.

White picket fences in your eyes

“White picket fences in your eyes …”

A vision of you and of me

“A vision of you and of me …” and as the words faded from her tongue, her lips curved into a matching smile of sweetness to complement his own. He rested his hand upon hers and slowly, lovingly brought it to his mouth, turning it upright. Her smile widened and he laid a kiss — soft and sensual — upon the palm of her hand.

Her smile faded into a sigh and the beeping of the horns behind them as the light turned from red to green didn’t enter into their consciousness for at least five seconds.

The End


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