“Thirty-Five (well, less as we’re only dealing with Manny here) More Inconsequential Thoughts” (regarding Wednesday, June 30th) By Tracee

Republisher’s Note: Here is another humor piece from Rustle of the Sheets. The date in the title is referring to the episode on June 30, 1999. Check out the episode. It’s the one where Danny breaks Michelle out of the psych ward, Rick’s mea culpa, Carmen getting herself shot at, and their trip to San Cristobel.

“Thirty-Five (well, less as we’re only dealing with Manny here) More Inconsequential Thoughts” (regarding Wednesday, June 30th)  By Tracee

  • Okay I’ve got it, Dietz was planning a seduction for Carmen. Hence the dark mood lighting, and the chaise lounge that wasn’t there when both Danny and Carmen left Casa Santos, but mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. Oh that Dietz, such a charmer.
  • Let me guess, Paul Anthony Stewart cracked Joie Lenz’s back when carrying her out of the head warp hostel, hence her not being able to sit properly in that little Casa Santos chair in the hall? Either that or Pilar’s “cooties” were on the back of the chair and she didn’t want to catch them. (Ed. note: I think she’s still woozy from the drugs.)
  • Okay, so I half expected him to feed her grapes on that chaise lounge, so what?
  • PAS, seriously makes me a much better lip reader. Loved all those barely spoken “shhhh, it’s okays,” in the hallway.
  • This barely pink shirt, I can actually tolerate. I thought JL looked fab in regular clothing, but khaki’s and heels? I realize she’s about a foot shorter than PAS, but look wardrobe people, we already know she can walk in heels, no need to show off that skill, every single time she’s on screen. Doesn’t the girl own a pair of flat sandals? Why do I picture her owning high heeled feathered slippers now?
  • Was Meta boozing it up again, and had to be escorted from the hospital after trying to visit Michelle and convince that just because she was diagnosed paranoid, it didn’t mean people weren’t out to get her?
  • What exactly was Carmen planning on doing to help Manny with the authorities, write a note for Daniel “Please excuse my son from prison; he hasn’t been feeling well for several months and wasn’t thinking clearly.”
  • Oh my gosh, how much did I love the blocking of the Santos porch scenes, where Joie Lenz’s height played such a great role. Here she is clearly looking up to Rick, with Danny looking at the top of her head, both of these men, larger than life figures in her mind, men that matter to her, and when she’s put her foot down, she steps up a step and is suddenly eye level with Rick and with Danny, and she is a Bauer-Santos who’s finally come into her own. You go, Michelle!
  • I’m really wanting to hear Danny and Michelle share a childhood story with one another. They’ve been so life and death and high stakes drama, for so long, that I can grant one common complaint about Manny is true. That being, they need to have fun and just relate. Really they’ve done very little of that and they still need to learn how to be friends, instead of always discussing the next crisis.
  • Will Manny have slept in separate beds, by the time we see them next? Either that or Michelle will have passed out and he carried her to bed, and did the gentleman thing and watched her sleep, to make sure all was well in her world.
  • Thank goodness Danny doesn’t want to be a doctor, the wardrobe scheme would just be all wrong on him. Of course, you know that’s always the deciding factor, on life’s decisions, what the wardrobe will look like.
  • Okay so Dr. Quackford, considering your highly esteemed medical opinion and all, after Rick has told you he should have never brought Michelle there to begin with, and you’ve determined she’s suffering some kind of breakdown, based solely on your observations of her, you know just chummily go along with Rick, after he clears up the whole matter? If I open a box of Cracker Jacks, can I get my medical degree from there, too, pretty please?
  • It must really kill Carmen, that all Michelle has to do is tell Danny to listen to her, and move his head to stare in his eyes and he crumbles. And Michelle doesn’t even have to put out to do it.
  • Speaking of which, I wonder if Carmen assumes they’ve already done it? I know Danny implied they did, when he came back from the lighthouse the first time, but who knows if she bought it. Not that I really want to think about her thinking about it, I just think it’s funny that all Michelle has to do is exist to get Danny’s attention, and she’s gotta try and have herself shot at, for the same …
  • Um Danny hon, the files aren’t gonna do you much good in SC, without the bag you packed, sweetie… And just what the hell was in those files? Immunization records?
  • Michelle, I know you don’t care about ever seeing anyone else in Springfield and only care about your husband, but when you say and do things like that it only gives your naysayers more ammunition. Though TPTB don’t seem to remember you do have a long history with much of Springfield, especially sometime best friend Bill. It’d be nice to say goodbye to them first. Really wish TPTB would get back to Michelle being a beloved young woman in town, instead of a foreigner.
  • On the other hand, Danny was ready to run off to SC without even a quick pit stop to say goodbye to Peanut. Very good Danny, now you’re catching on. Though, I’m sure he probably would have sent for her, just to piss me off, in the end.
  • If a woodchuck chucks wood in the middle of the forest during consummation… can we call P.E.T.A and have them gather up the troops and save them from sullying the minds of innocent woodchucks?
  • Have I mentioned lately, just how I love the fit of Danny and Michelle, she just belonged right there in his arms at the end of real-Tuesday. *sigh*



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