“I am the MAN” By Sonya

Republisher’s Note: A little poem from the Rustling Sheets website. It references the wonderful “I am a Man” Speech.

Author’s Note: I don’t know what made me go here, so I will just throw it out there. Be sure to read it to the tune of Green Eggs and Ham … Sam I am … because PAS is the man.

“I am the MAN” By Sonya


The”MAN I AM.”

That “MAN I AM.”
That “MAN I AM.”
I do not like that “MAN I AM.”
I would not like him here or there,
I would not like him
I do not like “THAT MAN I AM.”

You do not like me so you say,
try me, try me,
and you may,
try me and you may, I say.

“MAN” If you will let me be,
I will try and you will see
I do not like you “I AM THE MAN.”

Say …

I like that “MAN I AM!”
I do! I like that “MAN I AM.”
And I would watch him in the rain
I would watch him on a train and in a car
and in a tree.
He’s so good, so good you see.
Say! I will watch him ANYWHERE!!

I do so like you “THE MAN I AM”
Thank you,
Thank you,


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