Springfield Thanksgiving 2009 by Robansuefarm Chapter 1

Author’s Note: I couldn’t believe after the way they kept referring to Thanksgiving 2009 all the time from the word came to cancellation almost to the last episode. They talked all about their goal of getting the Bizzie house done before then, who would be invited, etc., etc. and even people not on the Bizzie guest list would talk about Thanksgiving all during the summer, so you’d think, especially since they flashforwarded that they’d SHOW that Thanksgiving and that should have been the final episode. But you’d be WRONG! So since they built it up so much, here is my take on that Thanksgiving. I’m trying for a slice of life. I’m not particularly going for balance and I’m trying to fit it in between what we know happened on screen between September 2009 and the fastforward to September 2010.  I’d welcome additions, so if you want to add what was happening to someone who doesn’t show up in my story please feel free. Submit them to robansuefarm@hotmail.com

The saving a spot part of the Manny references a Manny fanfic, A Dozen Roses.

Chapter 1

Dateline Springfield Thursday, November 26, 2009 Thanksgiving Day

1 am – Bizzie Home

Bill woke up to the terrible squeal of wood against wood. Before even opening his eyes, Bill instinctively reached for Lizzie and when his hand only closed on cool sheet his eyes popped open and he jumped out of bed 100% awake with his heart pounding in his throat. Pausing only long enough to pull his boxers back on, Bill quietly and quickly picked up a baseball bat sitting in the corner of their still disordered bedroom and followed the sound as it continued in an uneven series of short bursts. He worked his way down the stairs still following the sound, checking each room as he went. He rounded the final corner and…put down the bat.

“Lizzie! What are you doing?”

Lizzie continued to wrestle with the dining room table. “Things aren’t ready yet for today. Things aren’t perfect. It needs to be perfect.”

Bill moved over and took the other end of the table. He helped Lizzie to move it until she seemed satisfied. Then, walking around the table, he took her in his arms, holding her close.

“Sweetheart, we’re going to have a really great day with our family and friends, BUT – this is SPRINGFIELD. It’s not going to be perfect. Have you ever been to a big event here where something doesn’t go wrong?”

Lizzie paused and then shook her head against his strong chest as Bill continued. “Usually SOMETHING goes horribly wrong, but we’ll get through it – TOGETHER. There was the time Jason Marler almost drowned in the hot tub at the Bauer BBQ. When you were such a pretty flower girl for Annie and Alan’s wedding, it got broken up and she got arrested. Remember Thanksgiving 1998, you and Marina went missing.”

Lizzie interrupted, “All Marina and I wanted to do was play with the make-up we didn’t mean to upset everybody and then we were afraid to come back.” Lizzie felt so safe in Bill’s arms her tension started to release.

Bill continued, “We were all going nuts trying to find you and Marina and then after Danny found you and everyone ended up having their Thanksgiving dinner together. That was certainly something going wrong, but it was a VERY good Thanksgiving, one of my favorites, and Alan gave that great toast. I’ve never forgotten it. You remember? See? We’ll get through whatever happens.”

“But I just want to show people how well we’re doing, how happy I am. I want it to be perfect for Sarah!”

“Whatever happens, it will be perfect for Sarah, a day she always remembers because it’s her first Thanksgiving with ALL her family and she’ll feel special. We will make it perfect that way. Just think about our wedding nothing could happen today that could top everything that went wrong then, we dropped the wedding cake, the flowers were bulbs, we put the wrong date on the invitations, but do you know what I remember most about it?

“No, what?”

“I remember it was perfect and with as much as Sarah’s going to feel from us, from our family and friends, no matter what goes wrong, she’ll remember it was perfect, and so will you. Your family isn’t fractured anymore. It will be a great Thanksgiving.”

“You think?”

Bill pushed her away slightly and stuck his finger under her chin and tipped it up so she’d look in his eyes. “I know it.” He paused to kiss her on the nose, both eyes, and then her lips. “Since we’re up anyway…..let’s go back to bed.” He swept her up in his arms and carried her, giggling, back to bed.

2 AM Bauer-Santos House

Michelle flipped over in bed to her side and stared out the French door into the night. Danny pulled Michelle up tight against him while he rumbled a yawn. “Having a bad night, Baby? I haven’t heard the kids, did you?”

“They’ve been quiet. No, I’m just having trouble settling down. It’s Thanksgiving today.”

Danny laughed “You make it sound so terrible (in mock horror) THANKSGIVING! – You know some people actually look forward to Thanksgiving. Ray is, he’s going to have dinner with a parishioner, but he’ll be over to watch football with us at Bill and Lizzie’s this afternoon.”

“It’s just that…..Thanksgiving….we don’t have a great track record with it… Do I have to remind you?”

Danny gave her a quick squeeze and then started to rub his hand on her stomach in a circle, soothingly.  “It hasn’t exactly been our holiday over the years, has it? That’s odd because I don’t think there is a more thankful couple in all of Springfield.” He bent down and kissed her shoulder.

“I’m worried about what’s going to happen today.”

“Baby, we didn’t have anything bad happen on Thanksgiving  the last few years, have we?”

“No, but we haven’t been in Springfield. What if something really bad happens again today, like me being arrested for a murder I didn’t commit or being told that you’re dead.” Michelle shuddered at the memories.

“It WON’T! And if something does happen, we’ll deal with it. This is our own happily ever after and we had to walk through fire to get here…We’ve been tested and proved worthy, we’ve run through all our share of bad luck and even if we do manage to find a little more, we’ll handle it.  Do you remember our first Thanksgiving together?”

“My party at Millennium.”

“I certainly wasn’t in any mood to celebrate.”

“I jumped to conclusions and accused you so unfairly that day. You saved Lizzie’s life.”

“I followed you to the beach and you were upset, but even when you had every reason to lie to me, the connection between us was still strong, you just couldn’t. The truth was starting to come out and what I told you that night was true to, even if I didn’t fully know it was the truth then. I would kill for you Michelle, I would die for you. There’s nothing that even the worst Thanksgiving can throw at us that we can’t handle.”

“But Thanksgiving seems to be bad luck for us in Springfield.”

“Not anymore, Honey, we’ve used up all our bad luck. It’s going to be good luck from here on in…..In fact…,” Danny paused to roll Michelle over on her back and then settling himself between her thighs. “In fact, I think it’s time to start a new Thanksgiving tradition. I’m thankful that God lead me to you. I can’t think of any other way we found each other except divine intervention.” Danny paused to kiss her forehead. “I’m thankful that you were able to throw off all those expectations everyone had about you and your life, including your own, and set your own course with me.” Danny kissed her left eye. “I’m thankful that Maureen stepped in when Claire let you down and helped turn you into the amazing woman you are.” Danny kissed her right eye. “I’m thankful that you’ve forgiven me my transgressions.” Danny kissed her nose and he felt Michelle begin to melt under him as the tension oozed away. “I’m thankful for that spine of steel that hides under all that fluffy pink surface and how you’re strong when I need it, but can let me be strong for you, too.” Danny’s lips hovered over her own for a long minute before he suddenly bent and kissed her chin. “I’ll save that spot for later.” Michelle gave a tiny whimper in protest and Danny chuckled.

Danny kissed his way down in the valley of her breasts. “I’m thankful for you for giving us Robbie….and Hope….and the little girl that’s with her Grandma Maureen in heaven waiting for us all to be together again.” Danny continued kissing down her stomach, “I’m grateful to Ed saving your life from Claire…and when Roger saved it…and Jesse….and Josh…and Tony… and me. You do need saving a lot.”

Michelle began to move restlessly against him. Danny groaned, “Baby, you keep doing that and we’ll never get through all the things I’m thankful for.”

“Everything Danny, I’m grateful for every hard step of the way…the whole of it….all of our lives together….the good and the bad. Please Danny, I need to feel all of it now!” Michelle pulled Danny’s face back up to her own kissing him hard and deep. And Danny complied.



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