Ed’s Thanksgiving Prayer 1986

In all the normal strife that is going on around Springfield, the Bauer family gathers friends and family at a Thanksgiving board with Ed and Maureen at the head. I’m going to skip most of the story update which you don’t need to know for this part, except to let you know that Chelsea is blaming Rick for her fiance Jon-Claude’s death (which he isn’t responsible for) and suing him for malpractice and wrongful death. Also, this is when Josh is back so they’re working on dumping Kyle via a long downward spiral involving custody of his and Maeve’s son Ben. Frankly I never believed that Maeve was on the side of the angels in this and knowing as we do that Ben might have grown up one of Michelle’s best friends, but he would also be abandoned, molested, and driven to become a serial killer, I keep thinking if all these do-gooders had kept their mouths shut and let Kyle raise Ben like he wanted things would have turned out better for the kid. To find all the links and the story explaination check out my post.

Now if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’m not a big Ed fan. BUT I think he truly DID love Maureen all along he was just terrible at being a husband carrying on all the traits and behaviors that he hated about his own father. Here Ed is at his best as a loving father and husband, serving as the head of an extended family of both relatives and friends. It’s a role that suits him even if he had a hard time keeping it going for more than a few months at a time. So here is Ed’s Thanksgiving prayer.

Thanksgiving Dinner 1986

Thanksgiving Dinner 1986 at the Bauer House

Could we all join hands here?

We’re gathered here on this beautiful afternoon in the season of bounty to remember all our blessings.

So thank you Father for the riches this great land has bestoyed on us.

Thank you for the promise each new day brings,

For the love of family and friends,

And for hope that renews itself with every breath we take


Among the guests is Claire who is there with Michelle – I don’t think she’s tried to kill her yet.

Baby Michelle and Claire

Baby Michelle and Claire

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