Consummation By J.Hallmark Chapter 7

Republisher’s Note: We finally get down to business. Sensitive eyes catch us next time for the epilogue.

Consummation By J.HallmarkĀ ~~~Chapter Seven — No Comparison

He laid her down upon the bed, as soft and gentle as a prayer. He wanted her, oh so desperately, that was more than obvious, but more than the physical need was the desire to savor every moment, every touch, every kiss, every thing about this woman, this night.

He sat down next to her supine form and stroked tender fingers against the side of her face; she sighed softly. And then he trailed his fingers down the column of her throat and she offered a breathy moan; and then over the tops of her breasts, his index fingers circling her taut nipples and she squirmed beneath his caress. Down the slopes of her bosom, over her belly, one hand traveled along her smooth thigh, the other resting at the apex of her femininity.

“Danny,” she breathed his name as her arms came up, her hands winding their way over his chest. Sitting up, she pressed her body against his and pulled his head towards her, and it was her turn to kiss him, and all of the passion that had laid pent-up inside of her all of her life, the passion and desire that this man alone had arisen in her, came flooding through her body, unleashing a torrent of ardor directed at Danny.

He fell back under the onslaught of her emotion as she took control. Her fingers rifled through his hair, as feverishly as her tongue conducted the mating dance with his, exploring the sweet recesses of his mouth. She clung to him as he rolled her over, lying atop her writing, passion-soaked form.

Again, his mouth trailed across her body and again she moaned his name, her hands running roughshod across his back, her nails gripping into his hot flesh. Once again, his hand traveled southward and she moaned into his shoulder, her teeth nipping at the skin gathered tight there as he rose slightly above her.

He lifted his head and she pulled away, their eyes meeting and all of the love, the need, the desire, the intensity between them flared into a hot white flame and with their gazes locked, he entered into her … moving slowly at first, and then harder and faster, building up in speed and pressure as he thrust into her, the two of them at last becoming man and wife in the fullest sense of the union. And they were one, a connection born and forged between them.

It was a cliche, but he swore he heard his music and later she would tell him that there were definitely fireworks. It was like nothing either had ever experienced before. For Danny, it had always been about the physical pleasure — it had been just sex, but this was making love. For Michelle, she had only been with one other man, and it had been an emotional connection for her, but the physical intensity she felt tonight, the sheer physical joy was unlike anything she had ever known and coupled with the love she felt for her husband … she was as overwhelmed as he.

There was simply no comparison.


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