Consummation By J. Hallmark Chapter 1

Republisher’s Note: This is one of my favorite fanfic’s from The Rustle of the Sheets website. It’s just that well written and I enjoy the bit about the transformation from Michelle Bauer to Michelle Bauer Santos. I love the bit about her relationship with death since I think that’s a key to her character. As far as I can tell it’s not to represent a specific incident on screen, but it’s between their church wedding and their vow renewal ceremony at Laurel Falls. I will warn you that it’s definitely in the Making Love category, if you couldn’t tell by the name and it gets pretty explicit at the end.

Author’s Note

Disclaimers : Guiding Light and the characters of Danny and Michelle belong to CBS, Proctor and Gamble, Paul Rauch and of course, Paul Anthony Stewart and Joie Lenz — who breathe incredible life into them.

Timeline: This is a couple of weeks from now. Danny and Michelle are together (sorta), they’ve decided to work things out (I don’t really go into specifics). They haven’t made love yet and Michelle hasn’t told Danny how she feels.

Rating: This one is probably gonna be a heavy R, so kristi, if that’s a problem, I’ll put those sections in a private link.

Summary: Basically, the title says it all — the marriage is consummated.

Consummation By J. HallmarkĀ ~ ~ ~Chapter One — No Arguments

Booming sirens wailed about them. Varying shades of grey, charcoal and black filled the night air. The pavement was wet from recently fallen rain, slippery with ash and Michelle Bauer Santos slipped every couple of steps on the two inch heels she was wearing.

She didn’t care. He was in there. Somewhere. In there where the gunshots had been fired. And there was death. Death hiding in the shadows. She knew death. She had been around it her whole life. Her mother. Eve. The pallor of it hanging over first her father and then her brother after a brutal day at the hospital. She knew death and it was here.

Michelle prayed to a God that she’d rarely acknowledged that death had not found her husband tonight. She held tightly to Bill Lewis’ hand, but he meant nothing to her at the moment. No one did. Nothing did. The doors opened and she let go of his hand, needing to see if Danny was in there. Needing to know. She began to run, when an arm encircled her waist and pulled her back.

“Michelle! Don’t go in there! Michelle!” Bill cried out as he held her struggling form against him. She began to yell and scream like a wild woman in his arms and he was momentarily shocked to see Michelle Bauer like this. And in that moment, he realized he was no longer looking at Michelle Bauer. This was Michelle Santos. Daniel Santos’ wife and all of the passion and pain and intensity that went with being a part of that family was a part of her now.

He loosened his grip and she escaped from his grasp. Without even turning to look at him, she headed frantically towards the smoky building when his voice called out from the opposite direction.

“Michelle!” She stopped mid-stride. Danny, her heart beat in time with his name, Danny! Danny! Danny! And he said her name again, softer and lower with a hint of strain and fatigue in his voice, “Michelle.”

She turned slowly to face him and the tears dried on her face as he stepped towards her. “Michelle,” he whispered softly again as she fell into his arms.

“Danny,” she cried, holding tightly to him, “Danny. Thank God!” She pulled away from him slightly and looked up at his face, “thank you, God!”

He smiled mildly and the hint of a dry laugh escaped him. “Not quite God.”

She laughed, tears caught in the sound. “Danny, Danny, Dan –” his name was lost in the sudden pressure of his lips against hers. Hungrily she opened her mouth to him, her heart and soul pouring into her kiss. He pulled away slightly and raised his head, pressing his lips against her forehead. Breathing softly against her flesh, he whispered in hoarse tones, “let’s go home.”

She didn’t argue.


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