Larkin Malloy RIP

This last week was a hard one of Guiding Light related people. Larkin Malloy who both starred on Guiding Light as Kyle Sampson (the show’s replacement for Josh when he was off canvas) and served as an acting coach on As the World Turns. He last made my cast roundup at the end of 2014 when he attended Martha Byrne‘s (Lily Walsh, As the World Turns) webseries Weight the Series priemere party. Sadly he had a heart attack near his birthday and passed away from complications following the attack.

Reva and Kyle Sampson

Reva and Kyle Sampson

Regular Obituary

Obituary from Soap Central

We Love Soaps – Includes videos including video resume

Michael Fairman – Quotes from co-stars

His website doesn’t feature news of his death, but does include a biography.

Here’s his updated site — which also doesn’t have information about his death.

It does include a photo gallery – of mostly cribed photos it looks like.

Kyle Sampson came to Springfield as a man with a grudge. He thought H. B. Lewis was the father who abandoned him to life as an orphan and he intended to make him and his legitamate family pay. His feud with Billy was especially bitter. During his run on the show we learn that his mother was Miss Sally and that his father was a Catholic Cardinal. Kyle was Billy’s half brother, but it was through Miss Sally who was Billy’s biological mother via a short affair that lead to Miss Sally giving the baby up to H.B and Miss Martha. Eventually Billy and Kyle built a strong brother relationship and that was the true loss when Kyle left the show.

On the romantic side Kyle comes to town dogged by stalker Maeve Stoddard. He fell in love with a then Josh-less Reva and Kyle was probably Reva’s second most powerful romance. Sadly that led him to suffering the fate of almost all Jeva spoilers and went insane.

I’m going to quote here from my analysis of one of the Kyle episodes.

“Maeve faked her baby’s death and then pretended to adopt another baby. This time in fall of 1986, Maeve stops Kyle and Reva’s with news that Ben has been kidnapped. Kyle went too far, but I think he honestly thought the baby would be endangered living with Maeve and had good reason to think that.  I often think how much better off Ben would have been if Fletcher hadn’t butted in and Kyle had been allowed to be a part of his life or that Billy  remembered the beloved half-brother, not the whacko at the end, and stepped in and supported Ben more. Honestly, I don’t see how the writers are expecting everybody to see Maeve, WHO FAKED HER SON’S DEATH TO KEEP HIM AWAY FROM HIS FATHER, as having the moral high ground, but that’s how this is written. Afterall H.B. who Kyle was close with at the time basically says he deserved it because he got mad and yelled and the woman who FAKED THAT HIS SON DIED. I don’t get this. As I said the only thing I really liked about Kyle was his relationship with Billy which was great, so I wasn’t a Kyle fan, but honestly I think this is all a bit much if they weren’t playing destroy the Jeva spoiler.”

Find highlights of Kyle’s run:

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