Claire Ramsey Turning Point 2001

Claire Ramsey circa 2001I have mentioned before that back when Claire Ramsey was with Fletcher Reade I loved her to death. I was excited when I heard Claire was coming back, but I must admit I was disappointed. Claire came back with all of her negative traits in place and not much in the way of what had once made her great as a person, although she remained a great doctor.

Claire’s storyline of wanting to be a respectable and connected Bauer was a good one, except they never explained why Claire suddenly became so obsessed with it. Claire trying to connect with Michelle, but expecting Michelle to do things her way was in character, but didn’t really explain why all she suddenly wanted was Rick. Also, a reason why Claire wanted to get out of Chicago, the loss of a major grant or something wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Then they gave her an independent story away from Manny and the Bauers which was a great thing. They paired her with Alan Spaulding who was also getting a cold shoulder from his kids at the time so with that and their scheming, manipulative ways and similar intelligence and culture they were a great couple. I mean it wasn’t the romance of the century, but it put Alan with someone he considered an equal and they supported each other and connected to most storylines across the canvas encouraging their involvement likely in any of them that the writers currently wanted. They were a fun couple who were soap rich splashy, and could equally be compelling trying to do right by their kids or doing something selfish and horrible.

Sadly TPTB didn’t see things the same way. They had temporarily resolved the Reva-Josh-Olivia Spencer triangle in Jolivia’s favor and needed a new spoiler. So for reasons that were never clear to me Alan got obsessed with Olivia. I’m not overstating the case. He eventually even blackmails Olivia into sleeping with him. Alan was so better than that I can only describe this entire storyline as mental illness on his part. Alan slowly became more and more obsessed with Olivia to the point of turning his back to his family. With that as the writer’s game plan, Claire was surplus to requirements. So Alan refused to even have a meeting with Danny about the job like Claire asked which I’d have thought he’d done as a courtesy to people he knew far more than Claire, but the whole point was to show Claire and Alan were over and to have Danny create his own opportunity for a new chance.

Claire doesn’t disappear immediately, but after this it was a steady downhill stride. Her last appearance is still about a year out August 16, 2002, but never again would she really be a focus of story.

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