Fake Book: Harry Must Die!

The July 25, 1995 issue of Soap Opera Weekly deals with a question about a book called Harry Must Die! I tried to find it both on Amazon and WorldCat Libraries and no luck so I’m going with it being fake until I’m proved wrong. Here’s the information of how it was used in the story once in the 1970s and once in the 1990s on Another World.

Q: I noticed that Another World‘s Justine consulted a book called Harry Must Die! about making a poison cocktail for Lorna. Isn’t this the same book Janice Frame used when she poisoned Mac Cory? K. Morley Calgary Alberta

A: You have a great memory! During the late 1970s, Janice stole Mac from Rachel. Her lover, Mitch Blake (Matt’s father), came to town, and the two hatched a scheme to swindle Mac. Janice found Harry Must Die! in Mac’s Office and read it. Pat Randolph also read the book and noticed certain pages were missing. Using this and other evidence, Rachel deduced that Janice and Mitch were planning to kill Mac.

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