Mindy is the Sampson Girl March 10 1986

We have a short run of episodes available after the Bert Bauer Memorial Service. This should be the following Monday. Happily these are mostly important to Michelle’s history. This one is the exception. However, it continues the day of the memorial service and we learn a lot about where Rick’s life is right now just as he’s getting close to becoming a doctor. We get some great stuff today of seeing Mindy Lewis as the Sampson Girl including Dick Cavett’s second appearance on the show. If you wonder what happened to Kurt and Mindy after having the most beautiful soap wedding ever. Here you go — and see I TOLD you about their obsession with this house. There is a lot of Jessie and Simon today for people who enjoy them. In the next few episodes we’ll see the fight for custody of Michelle start to move to center stage. I’m sorry they don’t keep going longer, but really this is a nice little run.

March 10 1986

Mindy on Dick Cavett

Mindy on Dick Cavett

Mindy as the Sampson Girl is being interviewed by Dick Cavett (a real TV interview star). Cavett served as Master of Ceremonies for the  Sampson Girl Contest. Beth traveled with Mindy to help her. Jackson also came as part of the series of show biz stories they ran through back then. Back when talk shows were as big as judge shows are now and actually featured interesting topics and conversations, Dick Cavett was one of the best.

Simon and Jessie are still in jail. Ironically Simon was a criminal, but IS innocent this time. A count of the cash register shows it $50 short which backs Simon’s story.

Rick shows up with his study buddy friend Amber and Roxie tries to get him to tell her about what went on with Amber, but he covers not wanting her to know the part about his drug.

Not sure who these day players are taking screen time with a lame pick-up.  There are a lot of slight line gaffes today. Kurt implies both that he’s going to call the police and go down there.

Simon continues to try to protect Jessie and work Alexandra.

Mindy says she spent a lot of time on H.B.’s ranch growing  up and learned to “ride and shoot with the best of them.” Mindy: “Springfield is part big city and part small town.”

Jackson intercepts Kurt’s message. Jackson is currently working on breaking up Mindy and Kurt. I don’t approve of why he’s doing it, but I approve of the aim.

When Roxie had amnesia she ended up in Alaska which is what brought Kurt to town in the first place. Reva has forgiven Hawk for frequently and finally abandoning them as children. Roxie has taken a firmer stance as the younger sibling remembering less of the father and more of the hurt. Hawk does get a job there and works at Company for the next few years.


Mindy and Dick get publicity shots. Dick again encourages Mindy to be a guest again soon. Calla (Jessie’s mother, Lillian’s sister) shows up and is furious. Her whole plan for coming to town was to marry Jessie off to someone rich and socially connected (hopefully Phillip Spaulding) as Calla’s own ticket to wealth and prominence. Simon pushes the con by telling Alex she has to accept him right now or he’s leaving town.

Somehow Fletcher and Reva who is working for the newspaper have become best friends. Reva’s sick stranger violently refuses medical aid.

Rick’s “friend” takes the torn pieces of the illegal amphetamines (speed) prescription from Rick’s table and says to himself he’ll give them to Claire for a reward. They’ll be ammunition for the custody case for Michelle.

This was during the time when the continued one of the scenes under the credits. It’s my favorite credit style because it really makes you feel like life goes on in Springfield when the cameras aren’t rolling. They did it on As the World Turns also.

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