Michelle and Danny Search For Carmen Aug 9 10 2001

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Charter Fragment

Thurs., Aug. 9, 2001 – At Company: Frank and Buzz are talking when Michelle comes in. She asks to speak to Frank. She tells Frank that she found out some more on her theory of Carmen. She tells him about the intern, Jennifer Tarver, that disappeared from the ER the night Carmen died and she never came back. Frank still doubts the theory. Michelle asks him to follow up on the intern. Michelle is sure about this. Frank tells her that he has a bad feeling about this. She begs him to help her prove it. Michelle tells Frank to think of Robbie and help them. He finally agrees to help. He is going to try to find the intern. Michelle asks him not to say anything to Danny and Frank agrees. He leaves and Michelle looks at the paper she found in the interns belongings and leaves. Danny and Tony meet outside. Tony tells Danny he has been looking into things and he has Romeo on Lucas. Danny tells him that they have to hurry for Michelle’s sake. Romeo comes in with Lucas Carmichael, a former flunky of Carmen’s who was paid to purger himself testifying against Danny, with a serious gambling problem. Romeo leaves and Danny asks Lucas who paid him off. Lucas tries to leave and Tony reminds him of the $80,000 he owes Infierno. Lucas tells him he has money coming. They offer to pick up his marker at the club if he answers some questions. The guy tells them that he got a message shortly after Carmen’s death that told him to go to a shack in Laurel Falls. He tells them he got there and someone put a blindfold on him. They took him inside and told him to go down to the docks and throw something in the water. It was a canvas bag that was heavy that had metal clanging inside. He dumped the bag and stripped the car. He also remembers he smelled roses at the shack. Lucas leaves and Danny tells Tony that Carmen always wore “Royal Rose” perfume. He knows Carmen is alive but for now they should keep it to themselves. Danny comes inside Company and tells Frank he needs his help. At Laurel Falls: Michelle comes upon the shack while thinking back to the night Carmen died. She goes into the shack and looks around. She doesn’t find anything and starts to leave when a bat flies through and scares her. She runs outside and thinks she didn’t find anything. She remembers the woodstove inside and goes back to search it. Michelle finds a piece of paper that says Springfield Airport. It’s part of a logo from an invoice or a piece of letterhead and it says “and Sons Air Charter” at the Springfield Airport.

Fri., Aug. 10, 2001 – At Company: Danny asks for Frank’s help. David sticks his nose in the conversation and tells Danny that if it is official he can talk to him as well. Danny tells them that he thinks Michelle may be in trouble, he believes Carmen is still alive. Claire calls Michelle on the phone: “Ever get a feeling that you can’t shake, like someone you love is about to jump off a high rise?”  David accuses Danny of trying to play them to save his own hide. Frank tells Danny that Michelle is thinking the same thing and investigating herself. Danny is getting upset and tells Frank that if Carmen is alive, Michelle is in danger and he needs his help. Frank doesn’t really believe the theory of Carmen being alive, but knows that if she were Danny would be right to worry about Michelle’s safety. Frank tells Danny about the intern Michelle wants him to find. David thinks the whole thing is bunk and thinks Frank is crazy to listen to it. Danny tells Frank that all this time they haven’t had a trace of Carmen and now all of the sudden there are clues popping up all over about her being alive. He knows his mother and tells Frank that she covers her tracks unless she wants to be found. He thinks she is setting Michelle up. Frank tells him he will look into the intern thing but that is all he can do. He leaves and David goes to make some calls while watching Danny. Danny tries over and over to get Michelle on her cell but there is no answer. Claire comes over and tells Danny that she has talked to Michelle and she thinks she is after Carmen. She also tells him that while she was on the phone she heard an announcement for a plane to Montreal. Danny leaves. At the Airport: Michelle tries to get an airport employee to tell her about a chartered airline. She showed them the paper she located at Laurel Falls with the letterhead of the airline and asks to speak to the man in charge. While she is waiting, Claire calls and begs her to let her help. Michelle tells her she will talk to her later and ends the call. Shortly after, the head of the airline comes over and she asks him if he can tell her who chartered their plane on a certain date last year. He tells her he can’t help her with his private clients. Michelle pretends to start crying and then spins a story about looking for her birth mother because she is dying and needs a transplant. The man tells her he will check his records for her. He brings out the record book and verifies that an injured woman traveled on the dates she was talking about from Springfield to Bear Lake, Canada. Michelle asks him how fast he can get her there. He goes to check and brings back a ticket on a commercial airline that will take Michelle to Montreal and from there his man will meet with her and take her on to Bear Lake. Michelle thinks it’s a little odd he’s suddenly so helpful, but thanks him and goes to board the plane. She passes one of Carmen’s thugs and seems to recognize him. She goes on to the plane. The thug calls someone and tells him or her that Michelle is on her way. Danny arrives at the airport and begs them to get his wife off the plane. They tell him he can’t go on the plane without a ticket and he throws a credit card at the stewardess telling her to sell him one. David has followed him and goes over and arrests Danny. Danny yells out for Michelle to get off the plane. Meanwhile, at the shed in Laurel Falls, Carmen is happy that Michelle is on her way to Canada. Just then Michelle burst in the shack and tells Carmen she didn’t take the bait.

My Comments: I tell you whenever Danny and Michelle hide things from each other bad stuff happens, even when it’s to protect each other. This is a great example of that. I love Michelle working Frank – upset he didn’t think of it first (Frank never solves anything), that Robbie would be growing up without a father like Frank did. I love it when they key into history in conversations between characters who’ve known each other a long time. I’m sorry Frank didn’t tell Danny right away though. He knows the trouble these two can get into when they aren’t together. Claire is acting like she might have if she and Fletcher had stayed together and raised Michelle. I’m so sorry this is it. I’m a little surprised Claire doesn’t follow Michelle’s train of thought faster though. Claire can be a good detective in her own right. I’m glad they brought up Lucas Carmichael again. It’s nice to use a loose end. I truly hate that they dump all this bad stuff on Laurel Falls. Laurel Falls deserves better than this. I’m sorry that David picked this moment to swing back obsessed with getting the Santos family. He could at least have checked the plane. This cliffhanger is really great because this is the first time that viewers find out for sure that it IS Carmen and she’s alive.

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