Danny and Michelle Are At Cross Purposes Aug 7 8 2001

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Tues., Aug. 7, 2001 – After Michelle tells Frank her theory, Danny and Rick come out of Company. Danny tells Michelle Ross wants him to take a plea. They both agree they want to keep fighting, but awkwardly don’t tell each other their plans. Danny tells Tony he needs his help. He thinks Carmen might be alive. If she is Danny, Robbie, and especially Michelle are in terrible danger. Danny wants Tony to use his connections to see what he can learn. Danny tells Tony that he knows he is back in the business and he hopes it works for him but he wishes he wouldn’t go that way. Tony is hostile and tells Danny he can no longer boss him around. Danny tells him he understands how he feels but if Carmen is alive someone will end up dead soon and it could be Tony. At the very least she will turn him into her personal gopher. If Carmen is alive, she had to have help and that help is either Maria, Carlos, or Bernardo, Tony’s new friends. If that happened they weren’t up front with Tony, which puts him on Carmen’s list too, just like him and Michelle. He warns Tony that Carmen plays for keeps. Again, Danny asks for Tony’s help. Tony tells him he will help him. Danny goes on to tell Tony that Carmen’s henchman Lucas Carmichael knows something and he may be able to get him to talk. Tony says Lucas has a gambling problem and owes a lot to Infierno; he may be able to use that. Danny asks Tony not to tell Michelle anything and he says he won’t. At the hospital: Michelle comes in and asks Claire what she remembers about the night Carmen was killed on the docks. Claire tells her there wasn’t much going on that night. Michelle asks if anything or anyone acted strangely that night. Claire remembers an intern named Jennifer Tarver leaving after a phone call during the middle of the shift. She thought it was weird because the girl reeked of ambition, just like she had at that age. The funny thing was she left and then never came back. Claire tells Michelle that about a week later they received a fax that said she had moved to Europe following a boyfriend but Claire didn’t think it rang true. She left all her things and they still have them storage at the hospital. At Michelle’s request Claire goes and gets the box of things the Intern had left and Michelle goes through it. Claire keeps asking Michelle what she is looking for and Michelle tells her she isn’t sure. Michelle finds a piece of paper and sticks it in her pocket. Claire takes the box back and Michelle looks at the paper. It says, “Laurel Falls”, on it. Michelle isn’t surprised Carmen used their shack there the last time she played dead and no one had been on their land since construction on the house stopped. Claire comes back and Michelle tells her that she has to go but asks her not to mention any of this to Danny. Claire promises.


Wed., Aug. 8, 2001 – At Millennium: Danny comes in asking for Tony. He isn’t there so he goes to a table to call him. Claire comes in and tells Danny that she is worried about Michelle who is going around asking tons of questions trying to get him out of trouble. She is on the trail of Carmen. Claire gets a call and leaves after telling Danny not to let Michelle do his dirty work. Danny calls Tony again and leaves another message. While he is out of the room, Michelle comes in to meet Rick.

My Comments: The idea that Carmen survived this was only possible because they wanted the character back. It makes no sense. I really like Danny’s opening to Tony of how Michelle and he love Tony and hope he can get out when he wants. It’s just got such a married couple feel and I think is a great base touch. This is one of the last times that Claire and Michelle really connect. This is kind of the relationship they might have had if Fletcher Reade and Claire had married and co-raised Michelle with Maureen and Ed. I’m sorry it’s the last real piece of that we see of the Claire that once was. There was little enough of it during this Claire return.

So do you think the rough background comment just meant intern Jennifer Traver was desperate for money and power or that she would have had previous connections with the Santos Family? Wouldn’t the fact that the henchman suddenly came into a lot of money after he testifies been interesting to someone Tony? Maybe you could have spoken up earlier.

I truly hate how they kept dumping bad stuff on the Laurel Falls house site. I REALLY wanted Manny to get that house.

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One Response to “Danny and Michelle Are At Cross Purposes Aug 7 8 2001”

  1. Ramie Says:

    I really wanted them to build their house there too. The henchman suddenly getting money, yeah, that’s definitely something you want to check out.

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