Typical Evening With Claire and Michelle

Ed Takes Michelle from Claire 1986One of the things that comes up a lot having to do with Michelle’s history is was Michelle a bad mother? Before all this happened when Claire Ramsey was with Fletcher Reade before he broke her – and broke my heart I never forgave him – Claire was smart, funny, strong, but vulnerable. You wouldn’t know any of that from this.

In this clip from March 11, 1986 Claire, who has just overheard Maureen and Ed want full custody of Michelle is scheming to keep her. However, she really doesn’t want to take care of her. Claire seems to think of Michelle as a doll. Claire wants to play with Michelle at Claire’s convenience and be able to stick her in back in the box when Claire has other things to do. Claire doesn’t want to take care of her.

Claire has been conspiring to get the goods on Rick and is “rewarding” one of her students for helping with her plan on the couch. Michelle starts crying and Claire said she’s going to ignore her. Her crying is so strong that Ed hears it across the courtyard at the Bauer House, comes over to the garage apartment, and in a move FAR more typical of his awesome brother Mike, bursts open the door, goes and gets Michelle and strides out completely ignoring Claire. In fact Ed strides so fast this blur is the best screen shot I could get of it.

That’s not the end of this story. Claire intends to fight for Michelle and she plans to fight dirty. I’ve got more of this story coming, but I wanted to give anyone a heads up on what a typical Michelle and Claire evening at home was like.

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One Response to “Typical Evening With Claire and Michelle”

  1. Ramie Says:

    Love the way Ed just walks in grabs Michelle and leaves. Awesome Ed!

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