Hit… GL’s Matt and Dinah Bond

I normally really hate stories where relatives swap spouses. It’s kind of yucky. It isn’t creative and do we really need another one of those????

That said the one case I could possibly see making an exception for was Matt and Dinah. I know that I may be prejudiced as a big Vanilly (Vanessa Chamberlain and Billy Lewis) fan so I can’t properly appreciate Mattessa (Matt Reardon and Vanessa Chamberlain), but I just don’t see it. It isn’t that I don’t think that women can’t have younger men if they want to, but I just don’t think it works here.

Fans of theirs like to see Mattessa as if they were equal partners, but Vanessa is always treating Matt as a junior partner in the relationship. Does Vanessa ever confide in Matt and respectfully ask for input when she has a problem and at least consider what he has to say? No, she does whatever she wants from dictating when their relationship can be made public, to not telling him about her supposed to be terminal illness, to deciding she isn’t going to undergo recommended treatment when she was pregnant with baby Maureen.

Vanessa is always strong, but Matt just stands there and takes it and it lessens him in my eyes. That’s really too bad because Matt is very good at expressing a mature quiet strength when he is with anyone else BUT Vanessa. His dynamics with both Dinah and later Beth both pull out this side of him. I would really have liked to see him with either one of those ladies, particularly Dinah because I think she needed someone like that. Her relationship with Mallet  – pre-head injury – was very similar to what I think a Dinah-Matt relationship would have been like despite Vanessa’s later vision that it would have been awful. I think it would have been better for every character involved.

Sadly by the time they did get around to having them get together it was a mixed up mess with a brain injured Dinah and Matt in an ill-considered one-night stand instead of a long steady relationship.

The classic editorial below shares similar, though not as strong or specific, thoughts.

From the editorial comment section of the July 25, 1995 issue of Soap Opera Weekly.

There’s never been any love lost between Matt and Dinah, so we expected sparks to fly when the two were thrown together after Dinah’s kidnapping scheme went awry. We weren’t disappointed. The two bickered incessantly with Matt letting her have it for thinking she would get away with her scheme, and Dinah getting as many digs as she could about his relationship with her mother. An especially funny moment was when they were twisting in and out of position to free themselves from the rope, and Dinah ended up sitting in his lap; she cracked, “Bet you never tried this position with Mummy.”

During the course of all their fighting, however, something interesting happened. Dinah and Matt started to get to know each other. Since they had started fighting the moment they met, they never took the time to interact as people – until Viktor locked them in a coal bin together and tied them together in a railroad car. Matt and Dinah didn’t give up their animosity entirely, but their fighting was interspersed with surprisingly effective moments of vulnerability, Matt – and the viewers — finally got a glimpse into the painful past that caused Dinah to become the selfish, conniving young woman she is today. And Dinah realized just how much he had hurt Matt by bringing his father to town.

These captivity scenes revealed the interesting chemistry that exists between Matt and Dinah (Kurt McKinney and Wendy Moniz). It’s too bad GL would have to sacrifice one of its best stories — the pairing of Matt and Vanessa – in order to pursue this relationship. It would have been intriguing to see if Dinah and Matt could ultimately make a successful match. – Caelie M. Haines

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