FAQ: Why doesn’t Harley Cooper paint the walls?

Revisiting Gus and Harley’s unfinished walls.

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Another in our efforts to answer FAQs.

FAQ: Why doesn’t Harley Cooper paint the walls?

When I check to see what searches bring people to this site, one of the frequent search is about Harley Cooper’s walls.  What happened was this – when Phillip first came back from Arizona determined to get revenge on whatever family member (he wasn’t sure for a long while who – it was Alan) that had arranged his exile and reclaim his rightful place. Beth was frightened that this would turn him in the Alan-clone that he sometimes could be and so filed for divorce to try to force his hand to give it up and return for her. When he instead allowed the divorce to proceed Beth felt that the worst had already happened and Phillip was lost. Cut ahead almost a year and Phillip had found first friendship and then love with his…

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