Peek at Baby Michelle

Michelle’s babyhood was contentious. She was the product of grief sex between Claire Ramsey and Ed Bauer when they thought Fletcher Reade and Maureen Bauer had been killed in a terrorist attack. Luckily they were wrong, but they covered up their mistake for the sake of their relationships. Eventually everyone figured out what happened. Fletcher dumped Claire and broke Claire and my heart. Maureen was hurt, but stood with Ed and took on a lot of the childcare of Michelle right from the beginning.

I had adored Claire when she was with Fletcher, but honestly she was broken and frankly Michelle was not safe in her care. That said this particular clip shows a nice bit when Claire is taking care of Michelle on her own. Michelle is a happy baby on a rocking horse and I thought everyone here would enjoy it.

The scene takes place in the garage apartment at the Bauer House. Claire lived there at the time and had moved in again in 2001 until she moved in with Alan.

I was a Michelle fan from the very beginning so I was delighted to find this happy little peek at Baby Michelle.

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