David Grant

Revisiting David Grant.

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David Grant – During David Grant’s initial run from 1992-1996, he was the black sheep of the Grant family, determined to clear his name and make his father proud of him. His sister was TV reporter Gilly Grant. His father was Dr. Charles Grant who eventually became chief administrator at Cedars. His mother was social climber Vivian Grant. During his first residency in Springfield, he’d served time for a crime he committed and was tried for a murder he did not commit. He was well liked in the community and was especially close to Bridget Reardon, Lucy Cooper Spaulding, and Buzz Cooper. His best known storyline during this time was his star crossed romance with Kat Speakes which brought him in conflict with her father Hampton Speakes, Billy Lewis’s best friend during his football heyday, who also married David’s sister Gilly.

David returned in 1998, but never really found a…

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