Calling All Fanfic Writers, Readers, and Collectors

I could update this, but really the only thing I’d do is add my signature block. I could use some help for Manny fanfic, either with writing or collecting. I hope I hear from you! Please share to the get the word out!

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I’ve updated the story index with brand new chapters, stories, summaries and links. Now I need your help to get enough for another update.

  • I’m looking for websites I’ve missed, including no longer working websites. I need the URLs to use the Internet Archive, so if you have old bookmarks or links I’d love to have them.
  • I’m looking for missing chapters of stories that I have listed and the stories I have listed as unavailable.
  • I’m hoping that some fanfic writers will be willing to re-post old chapters or stories that are missing. Please if you’ve already written the stories, keep them out there. If you want space provided to publish them, I’d be glad to provide it.
  • If you were a fanfic writer, but no longer have copies of the stories, I’d like you to send me permission to republish them on the web if I can get…

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2 Responses to “Calling All Fanfic Writers, Readers, and Collectors”

  1. mandarinmom Says:

    I would love to help collect fanfic from them!

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