The Pirate’s Woman

Visit the thrilling days of yesteryear and the romance of the high seas.

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Most of the fake books on our list are written by some of our friends in Springfield. These two are only read by them. While Bloss was on a honeymoon cruise, Blake reads an example of the type of romance novels she will later write.

Towards the end of this first clip (8:20 in there is an exact link in the comments) Blake and Ross look at the two books, Pirates Woman

Love in the Sagebrush“A beautiful young woman heads west and finds romance on the trail”


The Pirate’s Woman– “a tale of love and skullduggery on the high seas.”

Follow the link in the comments to get to beginning of Blake reading The Pirate’s Woman.

“Michael laughed exposing his rotten teeth. “No use crying for your lover, woman, he’s down with the fishes.

The thought of Jeremiah her handsome, gallant pirate lover being drowned in the…

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