Bauer BBQ Foods Update 2016

Ross brings Blake a plate 1995

Ross brings Blake a plate 1995

The Bauer BBQ is always an important time in Springfield. I have done a Bauer BBQ meal before and it made me much more aware of what they were actually eating. So here are my notes so far on what they’ve specifically said or shown they were eating at the Bauer BBQ. I’ll continue to keep an eye out and I’ll revisit this topic as I gather more. This is the second time I’ve published my list and I’m going to continue to add to it.

1989 – Wanda brought Three Bean Salad made with 5 beans, Green, Wax, Pinto, Kidney, and Lima, she also used Tabasco sauce and hot peppers.

1990 – Ed insists on regular, plain, cheap ketchup, not the fancy gourmet kind. They also specify potato salad (regular, not German) that needed a little bit more mustard according to Ed. Maureen made it using Bea Reardon’s recipe.

1991 – This year Maureen and Bridget made Bert Bauer’s potato salad. Maureen tells Bridget: “You have to put in sauteed shallots and fresh dill and then you fold it over very slowly from the bottom.” They wrapped the sweet corn before cooking on the grill. Ed needed to get pickles (didn’t specify whole or hamburger slices).  They serve lemonade. They are serving hot dogs as well as Bauer Burgers.

1994 – The kids (Michelle, Ben, Little Billy, Marah, Shayne) want to roast marshmallows. Later they cut watermelon, apple pies and chocolate cake on table. Michelle was worried about A-M so insisted he go through buffet line twice. They made homemade, hand crank ice cream. Ed and A-M cook hotdogs and Bauer Burgers on the grill.

1995 – Holly promised Ed she’d bring a fruit salad. Ed thanks Bridget for the interesting potato salad. Lucy brought a salad. Lillian brought deviled eggs and Alex and Ginger brought famous chicken. Ross brings Blake a Fourth of July paper plate with a hot dog in a bun and potato salad. Lucy saved Alan-Michael some corn on the cob.

2001 – One of the best prep years. Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Lemonade are listed by Rick. Brownies and Red, White, and Blue Cupcakes are pointed out by Harley. Rick tells Danny they only have so much grilled chicken (thighs and wings according to Josh) and that he was now in charge of pouring the iced tea since he was burning everything on the grill. Several large watermelons were on the table waiting to be cut up. Danny does the cutting and does a great job. Rick offers Zach some relishes, specifically carrots. The Bloss twins got in the whipped cream. There is a Bauer Special Sauce for the burgers, Ross likes it and tends to spill it on his shirt. Billy tells Buzz that he brings his special Buzz Chili every year. This year he brought whole jalapenos as well. They also have cans of pop. Blake gives Buzz an ice cream bar off the serving table.

2002 – They have a Fourth of July cake decorated as a flag. Holly mentions the potato salad.

2007 – They have a cotton candy machine.

2008 – Company is providing food this year. They specifically list macaroni salad. Also both Cassie and Marina made cherry pies. Mallet praises Cassie’s extravagantly.

So it seems like an average Bauer BBQ should have Bauer Burgers (nach), hot dogs, potato salad (regular not German – German includes meat), grilled chicken in later years, corn on the cob, watermelon, some kind of ice cream and some kind of patriotically decorated cake/cupcake all served with lemonade and iced tea. So get planning on your own Bauer BBQ.

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