Bauer BBQ 2014 by Robansuefarm Chapter 3

Author’s Note:  I would like to apologize. This is probably the part that most people are interested in where we see other people at the BBQ, but it’s just going to be a quick peek this year. Don’t assume if I don’t mention them your favorite isn’t attending, but I was running embarrassingly late on this so I moved along quickly to finish up my plot.  I’ll try to include more people in my next Bauer BBQ story.

Bauer BBQ 2014 by Robansuefarm Chapter 3

Michelle and Bill brought in the rest of the stuff with Hope opening the door and holding it for them. They deposited what they brought in on the kitchen table.

Hope followed them, “Uncle Bill, isn’t Sarah with you? She promised to be my partner in the three-legged race today.”

Robbie coming down stairs having deposited his package in his room, froze to listen, but no one else noticed.

Bill paused long enough to deposit Michelle’s stuff on the table and to swoop up Hope into his arms. “Sarah is with her daddy today, she’ll be along later, don’t worry, Squirt.”

“OK, Uncle Bill.” Completely reassured Hope danced off and Robbie came on down the stairs with a slight smile on his face.

Michelle put her load next to Bill’s as Rick came into the room. He was wearing a new apron this year that said “Bauer Power” IMG_0144and carrying the traditional chef’s hat as Leah hadn’t yet arrived to do the annual ceremonial crowning. “OK troops! I expect 100% devotion today. This is the 5th anniversary of the best little sister in the world moving back to town.” Rick paused to smack a noisy kiss on the top of Michelle’s head, “and we are going to celebrate.”

Rick paused to look around the kitchen as Blake came in the door and they all welcomed her, except for Rick who barked, “Blake, where is the potato salad? You did make it from Bert’s recipe didn’t you?”

“Still in the car. You can carry it in yourself after you assigned me to making it. And of course I used Bert’s recipe. What else?”

“No dissension in the ranks, we have to pull together people. A horde of people is going to be hitting that door today and we have to be ready!…Michelle, did you bring the ketchup?”

“I brought that all over last night, along with the rest of the condiments and I got the plain kind of ketchup Dad always liked.”

Phillip and Beth came in. Phillip carried a large Thermos jug and Beth pulling a cooler on wheels.

Rick made another check on his list. “Very good the lemonade and bottles of water. Bill just don’t stand there – start on the iced tea, you know where everything is.”

Frank came in pulling an oversized catering cooler. “Hot dogs and chicken breasts check! I’ll put the cooler by the grill and then go get the second cooler with the hamburger so you can start shaping the burgers.”

“Check, check, check!” Rick said. Really wishing Leah would get here so they could put on his hat. He always thought he looked more the commander of the BBQ once it was on, but he wouldn’t cheat. This was his and Leah’s special moment of the day and he won’t deprive them both of that.

“Coleslaw?” Rick asked Michelle.

“Ready and waiting in the refrigerator and so is the three-bean salad and the baked beans. The watermelon is on ice to cut later. I brought all that over last night and here are the relish trays I made last night.” She gestured to the pile Bill had carried in and abandoned on the kitchen table. “They just need the cling film pulled off and set out.”

“What about Bert’s apple pies?” he asked Michelle anxiously. “With everything else going on did you have time….”

“They are in the freezer. I’ll go pull them out now so they can thaw and we’ll rewarm them in the oven before we serve them.”

“Great!” Rick double checked his list for the fourth time. “When Buzz gets here with the last few things we should be ready to go.”

“Good,” Mindy said as she brought in a bag of ice and thunked it down on the counter. “Then you can help me bring in the last minute supplies and we can get this party going. AND next year I don’t care if it’s traditional or not, we’re having Oklahoma BBQ beside the Bauer Burgers and there are some buffalo brauts in the freezer you can just throw on the grill too.”


It had become a tradition for Bill and Lizzie to oversee the games. Zach and Jude now settled back into Springfield life had helped for the last couple of years and with HB IV having so much energy Lizzie certainly appreciated the help. Dani, Little Billy, and Frankie were all about the same age and ran around, chasing each other in between the more formal games.  They set everything up, made sure the equipment was out from everything from the horseshoe toss to the badminton net. The traditional contests and races were the ones that people waited for though. The three legged race was a big hit with Phillip and James winning this year, although Mel and Leah weren’t far behind. Hope Santos and Sarah Randall came in first in the under 12 division. Meanwhile Henry and Peyton were tearing around trying to get into everything at once.

Next on the agenda was the egg toss. Someone who didn’t know what was going on would have been surprised to notice that the crowd was shrinking. The time was getting closer to zero hour and people were needed elsewhere. You could almost hear a clock ticking like Abby once did in a church before Ray’s first service. In spite of that the egg toss was a lot of fun with Billy and Vanessa Lewis taking the honors. Emma Spencer and Natalia Aitoro came in second. Maureen Reardon and Clarissa Marler broke up their championship team from last year in order that Clarissa could team with her boyfriend Adam and Maureen could team with Clarissa’s brother Kevin that Maureen hoped would soon be her boyfriend too, although it took some fast talking from Clarissa to get him to agree to it. Another tradition was kept when Lillian and Buzz showed up brushing off their clothes coming out of the woods right in the middle of the awarding of prizes.


Michelle was distracted all day, thinking about what was to come, so she saw very little of this. She didn’t really pay attention to what anyone said to her. Only watching her kids to keep them safe, she found herself getting a little teary eyed. Having taken the last special package up to her old room earlier, she now went back in the Bauer House. She smiled as she ran her hand over the counter remembering their “celebration” there one night. Sent a scowl over to the chair in the corner where he had bled so much the night he was shot. Then she glanced back to the door and remembered Aunt Meta coming in to his welcome home party when Danny was released from the hospital following his recovery from the coma. She passed on to the short hallway that led up the backstairs and remembered running down them laughing with Danny when they came back from their second honeymoon, where unknown to them at the time they had conceived Robbie. She walked on up the stairs, ready now to open that special package. She placed it on her bed and unzipped it. She continued to stare at it when suddenly there was a knock on her door.

“Hey, look who’s here from New York!” Drew came into the room, “I’ve come to help you get ready.”


The games began to close down early, everything was a little rushed this year because of what was going to happen before the fireworks started. Finally Rick appeared having ditched the hat and Bauer Power apron and invited everyone over next door to the Spaulding backyard.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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