Bauer BBQ 2007

Welcome to 2007, or as I fondly call it, the worst year in Springfield ever until 2008 happened. Although there were always bright spots, there was so much wrong with Guiding Light during these years that even I couldn’t bring myself to go out of my way to watch it. Part of the problem was that continuity came unglued. Places that had long established locations floating hither and yon, now near this place now near that – more on that below. Sets in general had issues. Everybody lived in one hotel room at the Beacon. Harley and Gus’s house remains unpainted. In addition as an attempt to save money they took a Sesame Street like version of the sets creating a fake exterior street scene where the majority of scenes took place.

Sadly I only have a third of the episode and it sounds like the least interesting third at that. Read about the rest of the episode.

This was an Inside the Light episode which you can tell from the episode name at the front. We open with Frank announcing that there had been a gas leak that means the area of the Bauer House needs to be evacuated. He says around 1713 Coventry Road which means nothing. The Bauer House is on Skyline Drive. Next door to the Bauer House is the Spaulding Mansion if you have to evacuate one, you’d have to evacuate the other, but Alan is standing in his study perfectly fine.

Most of what we have of this episode, and I haven’t found the whole thing, focuses on GusH. Gus announces the Bauer BBQ is on very excitedly and he rounds up the boys and Harley to leave. Rafe and Daisy are keeping their relationship quiet at this point. I honestly don’t remember why. Apparently they had borrowed some money from Harley’s secret stash – which the crack detective keeps in a cookie jar on her kitchen counter. I mean really, at least put in on a shelf. Gus has a “funny” exchange with Rafe about hotdogs. Who doesn’t like hotdogs? Plus disrespecting Rick’s hotdogs? On top of everything else Gus did to Rick. Really? I also don’t think it’s fair of Gus to say Alan doesn’t get along well with the Bauers. He’s currently feuding with Rick in 2007, but for the most part they don’t have any special beef.

The Coopers head to Company where they think the BBQ will be, but turns out, shocker of shockers, Company isn’t on Main Street – which is why they popped up a Company coffee cart on the Main Street set because people wouldn’t just walk over to Company except WAIT it’s now within walking distance. In another example of the Cooper’s sterling business practices there are people there, apparently customers, but they’re all just planning to leave with no sign of anyone actually working there. That sounds mean. I know back in the day the Coopers worked hard, but once the change came through in 2005-2006 you start to see more and more business practices that make perfect sense why Company and the Coopers always had money troubles. Rafe, who Harley isn’t too crazy about yet because he’s part of a rival storyline where Gus doesn’t belong with her, got seen trying to put money back in so Harley calls him on it.

As you actually DID take the money Rafe, maybe dial it back the indignant denial a little. Alan is, I think, being kind of right about Harley wanting to put Rafe in his place. Now apparently Harley’s house is also right within walking distance of Company. Harley isn’t listening to Daisy which is actually pretty common when it came to Daisy. Harley made up stories in her head about Daisy far more than she actually figured out what was going on. Alan is upset and for some reason tearing apart some flag bunting. We finally get to see a tiny bit of the rest of the party in the final fireworks watching bit at the end. Sadly the part that I don’t have looks like the better part of the episode. I’m not sure how much the audience knows at this point. Rick and Beth got married and are expecting a baby, but the baby is really Alan’s (don’t ask). Cassie had done the switch to protect the baby from Alan since she held Alan responsible for Tammy’s death which he kind of, sort of was. However, all of that made more sense that Cassie and Josh being together.

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One Response to “Bauer BBQ 2007”

  1. Ramie Says:

    I hated what happened to Guiding Light towards the end, it had been so good for so many years, yeah it had slums like they all did. But this always felt different. I remember reading an article when it was finally canceled that it felt they were purposely driving the show into the ground in order to cancel it. I always felt like that was true. They changed so much and threw out everything that made the show good.

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