Best Soap Weddings 1958 – 2014 Part 2

Periodically Soap Opera Digest will put out a special issue as a collectible. You have to buy it separately, it doesn’t come with a normal subscription. In 2014 they put out a special issue on best soap weddings from 1958-2014, get a copy.

Best Soap Weddings 1958 – 2014 Part 2

Jeva and Wedding Cake

Jeva and Wedding Cake

They do a focus on some supercouples and each gives the date and the location of the most anticipated weddings. I am repeating those here for easy reference.

  • Victor Newman and Nikki Reed, The Young and the Restless, April 13, 1984, The Colonnade Room, Genoa City
  • Michael “Sonny” Corinthos and Brenda Barrett, General Hospital, February 18, 2011, Archer Pavillon, Port Charles
  • Lucas Lorenzo Spencer & Laura Webber Baldwin, General Hospital, November 16-17, 1981, The Mayor’s Mansion
  • Steve “Patch” Johnson and Kayla Brady, Days of Our Lives, July 22, 25, 1988, Yacht in Salem Harbor
  • Joshua Lewis & Reva Shayne, Guiding Light, July 14, 1989, Cross Creek, Oklahoma
  • Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton, Days of Our Lives, July 2, 1991, Outdoor Stadium in Salem
  • Duke Lavery and Anna Devane, General Hospital, October 16, 1987, Church in Port Charles
  • Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady, Days of Our Lives, May 4, 1987, St. Michael’s Church, Salem
  • Andrew “Frisco” Jones and Felicia Cummings, General Hospital, June 20, 1986, Bobbie Spencer’s Brownstone
  • Nicholas Newman and Sharon Collins, The Young and the Restless, February 19, 1996, Chapel in Geona City

They also did a round up costume designers (I’m sorting them by show instead of by person as they are in the magazine article):

  • All My Children, 2004-2011 – David Zyla
  • Another World, 1996-1999 – Shawn Reeves
  • Days of Our Lives, 1990-2008, 2013-Present – Richard Bloore
  • General Hospital, 2012-Present – Shawn Reeves
  • Guiding Light, 2000-2009 – Shawn Reeves
  • One Life to Live, 1991-2012, 2013 – Susan Gammie
  • Santa Barbara, 1984-1989 – Richard Bloore



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One Response to “Best Soap Weddings 1958 – 2014 Part 2”

  1. Ramie Says:

    Soap weddings were always my favorite. Danny and Michelle’s, Cassie and Richard were my favorites, Erica and Dimitri’s, Philip and Harley’s, Felicia and Mac’s wedding, Noah and Julia’s.
    Many of the listed I was too young to watch but I was able to catch a lot when that soap channel would play old ones only from ABC but I was able to watch Luke and Laura’s (which they replayed lot on that channel), Erica Kane’s weddings, Cliff and Nina’s, Greg and Jenny’s and Noah and Julia’s. There were so many really great weddings.
    My favorite wedding dresses were Michelle’s first one and second one, Cassie’s dress, Nina’s, Tea’s wedding dress from her wedding to Todd, Nikki’s wedding dress, all of Gillian’s dresses in AMC and Felicia’s dress to Frisco and now Mindy’s dress.
    My cousin actually had a copy of Cricket’s dress to Danny from Y&R.

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