Best Soap Weddings 1958 – 2014 Part 1

June is the month for weddings and so in its honor let’s share some of the best.

Periodically Soap Opera Digest will put out a special issue as a collectible. You have to buy it separately, it doesn’t come with a normal subscription. They put out a Best Soap Weddings special edition in 2014. These are highlights of the issue from a Guiding Light and Manny perspective. I urge you to find a copy.

Wedding 10f

Michelle and Danny Church Wedding

Find in it:

  • Collage of Wedding Photos, including from Guiding Light Quint and Nola, Kurt and Mindy (one of the most beautiful soap weddings ever, nothing great happened, but oh so pretty), Phillip and Beth, Mallet and Harley, Gus and Harley, and Blake and Ross.
  • Which soap wedding you’ve been in was your favorite? A round up from various actors.
  • Memorable destination weddings, including Lucy Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding at Universal.
  • Wedding Crashers – People who stopped the wedding
  • 8 Weddings that featured something new
  • Interviews of the most married actresses, including Laura Wright (which also includes of photo of her with Paul Anthony Stewart from Loving).
  • Photos from real-life dual soap couples.
  • Duos who wed in real life and reel life, including Many Bruno and Rob Bogue (Marina Cooper and A.C. Mallet).
  • Special guests at weddings, including Phillip Spaulding and Harley Cooper.
  • Soap Weddings in Las Vegas, including Buzz Cooper and Nadine Cooper in 1994.
  • Double Weddings
  • What went wrong at your soap wedding?
  • Nikki Reed Newman’s dress, from the original Niktor wedding in 1984 – the princess one people always ask about her “one-of-a-kind, French silk-faced satin gown featured hand appliqued lace, French organza, and 20,000 hand-sewn beads and pearls.”
  • A feature on Jeva Cross Creek Wedding July 14, 1989
  • Vows and Wedding Poems for:
    Sean and Tiffany, General Hospital, 1988
    Tom and Alice, Days of Our Lives, 1988
    Jennifer and Jack, Days of Our Lives, 1991
    Phil and Tara, All My Children, 1972
    Patrick and Marty, One Life to Live, 1997
    Noah and Julia, All My Children, 1996
    John and Marlena, Days of Our Lives, 1999
    Patrick and Robin, General Hospital, 2008
  • Multiple Weddings for the same couple, a roundup, including Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne
  • A round up of pregnant brides including Eleni Andros and Frank Cooper in 1993
  • A round up of brides and grooms who got dumped at the altar
  • A round up of couples who didn’t originally marry for love including Alan-Michael Spaulding and Harley Cooper in 1989 and Danny Santos and Michelle Bauer in 1999
  • A round up of funny photo outtakes of couples including Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne, Dylan Lewis and Julie Cameltti, and Harley Cooper and A.C. Mallet.
  • A round up of soap operas that ended with a wedding including Guiding Light.
  • There is a Barbie doll that they decided to match Marlena Evans wedding dress from 1999.
  • How to get different bridal looks with hair and make up.

    Eleni and Frank wedding

    Eleni and Frank wedding

Laura Wright Interview Highlights

What do you most remember about your Loving nups?

After Casey and Ally were married, we had to stand there and they had a band serenade us. The actors playing the band members were not the people who sang the song, so they had to lip-sync, and they had to do it over like three times because Paul [Anthony Stewart, who played her main love interest on Loving, Casey] and I could not stop laughing. We were like, “We are so sorry, it’s just funny!” It was hilarious. We were basically falling over apologizing like, “We are not laughing AT you” I was so young and I had never been married before, so I’m sure I wanted to go out and party with everyone. “Let’s go have a reception!” I’m sure that’s all I cared about! I was 23!

What wedding did you have to learn a dance for?

I had to work with a dance instructor for Richard and Cassie’s wedding. There was a specific waltz that we had to learn and there were parts of the dress that were detachable so I could dance in it.

That dress was a stunner.

Oh, yeah, our costume designer [Shawn Reeves] did such a fantastic job. Visually ,the wedding was spectacular. I was pregnant with my son [John] at that wedding, so I was kind of nauseous, though. That dress was made for me, and by the time I did my last photo shoot, we were having to pin it in the back because I was expanding. That was pretty funny.

What are your memories of Cassie and Edmund’s wedding?

Shawn had a really pretty dress made for me with a blue velvet cape. We got married in Cassie’s barn and I went to run and hug Edmund and my foot hit David MacDonald’s [Edmund Winslow] and I kicked the top of my toenail off in the middle of all the sawdust and dirt. They called “Cut!” and I just crumbled to the ground. David picked me up because they were like “Get her out of the dirt!” I’ve never seen someone come running so fast with the [insurance] waiver you have to sign, like “You have to sign this!” Oh that was just awful.

Edmund and Cassie's Wedding

Edmund and Cassie’s Wedding

Shawn Reeves – Guiding Light 2000-2009, Costume Designer Interview Highlights

[One of my favorites was] Cassie’s princess dress on Guiding Light, having that custom made and hand-beaded. That woman did beadwork for Bob Mackie and Michael Jackson. That dress was a three-month process. It was old-school couture work. That dress was made so well, it could probably stand up on its own! There were probably four different kinds of petticoats underneath it. It was made at a costume shop called Studio Rogue. And I have to mention the amazing dress that I did for Blake and Ross [on Guiding Light in 2003]. We did this beautiful, vintage-looking beaded gown on Liz Keifter and I’ve never seen her look more beautiful.

…..But when Gus and Harley married on Guiding Light in 2005, in was pretty casual.

“Yes, she wore a DKNY skirt, a wash silk charmeuse with a cool vibe to it. It was one of the first times that the groom was a little more dressed up than the bride. Beth [Ehlers] also wore strappy, lavender Manolo Blahniks that she loved.”

You did a look for Dinah on Guiding Light in 2009 that was pretty unconventional.

“Yes that hat was quite controversial! People didn’t get it. A fashionista would go, “Oh, that’s so Parisian, off the runway,’ but other people would say, ‘Why does she have a flying saucer on her head?’ That was a beautiful Philip Treacy hat that I bought at Barneys. It was really chic and worked really well into the coat, but it was an easy target for people to make fun of. The coat was a heavy cotton, vintage Dior or Claude Montana. My assistant borrowed it for her own wedding.”

Now, I have to know which dresses you consider failures.

“The dress Laura Wright wore as Cassie when she married Edmund, the idea was good, but I worked with somebody who wasn’t really up to speed in terms of making the gown, which had a cape over it. It just didn’t fit very well and it didn’t look good. And God bless her, I love her to death, but Kim Zimmer [Reva Shayne Lewis, Guiding Light] and I cooked up one idea for her umpteenth wedding to Josh, and we went down a weird path with a dress that had big, long sleeves, [the blue one]. It was made beautifully, but it was really costume-y and unbeknownst to me, they decided to block a hoedown at the reception. Next thing you know, they’re all jumping around dancing, and there’s Kim in this chiffon dress. She kicked off her shoes and I just cringed, [laughs].”

Do you know where some of these gowns are now?

“Cassie’s princess dress and Reva’s dress from the 1989 Cross Creek wedding to Josh ended up at Procter and Gamble. Those are the two that almost ended up in the Smithsonian, and they are the only things that Procter and Gamble saved from our show to keep in their archives. [Ed. note: I’m assuming he means costume wise from the end, but who knows.]

Richard Bloore Costume Designer Days of Our Lives 1990-2008, 2013- Present Interview Highlights

Did you keep any of the dresses for posterity?

“Well, we did get a call to give Deidre’s [Barbie dress] to the Smithsonian and I was kind of tickled, and then I discovered, “It’s not there. None of it is there. All of the dresses are gone. All the tuxedos, all of this, all of that. I really do not know where they went. Someone got rid of the archives [in the years I was gone]. Bo and Hope’s wedding dress, which Lee [Smith, former costume designer] did, Kayla and Patch’s wedding dress, which Lee did, gone. It’s just unbelievable. “


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