Mindy and Kurt’s Reception

Kurt Corday and Mindy Lewis Corday’s Wedding Reception Begins

Mindy Wedding with Kurt

Mindy Wedding with Kurt

The reception is being held at the Lakeland Country Club even though the entrance hasn’t yet been remodeled with the stairs turning a corner. David Preston is at Mindy and Kurt’s reception. His organization doesn’t have Jackson Fremont or Beth Raines yet, but are looking for them. Calla starts introducing herself and Jessie to everyone. Maureen shows up and announces Michelle’s birth. 🙂 Mindy and Kurt have their first dance and Kurt warns Mindy that they’ll be back to real life soon which will involve a lower standard of living for her and a lot of work. (See he can’t even let her enjoy the one day, do you wonder why I can’t stand this guy?)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRMxCMQgyqE (Part 9)

Kyle fired David Preston. Calla Matthews shows she remembers more than about Alexandra’s senior year when she saw her at Cranberry Ball. Calla is such a social climber. They have the father daughter dance and Kurt dances with Vanessa since he doesn’t have any family. Ross is President of Spaulding right now and Phillip is married to India. Does anybody else find it strange that a married Phillip would be practically panting after Beth’s juvenile cousin?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgEl5KPWvM8 (Part 10)

Kyle tell David that he is fired because Kyle found out David was behind group trying to take over Sampson Industries. David tries to cover until Kyle pushes him over. (I don’t remember, but after those 2 scenes I don’t think David is going to be long for this world.) Ross apparently dated Calla a long time ago, they become an item again. (I never liked her either. Ross deserved better.) Miss Sally (always a pretty sharp knife in the drawer) realizes Mauve is probably pregnant.

https://youtu.be/cBvEkQwrs_w (Part 11)

David presents Mindy and Kurt with the master copy of Lujack’s music video as a wedding present. Billy had been hypnotized to kill Kyle. That buttony thing was his cue. And THAT my friends is how well Kurt understands Mindy. He truly thinks she’s being shy. Mindy was never shy in her life. If anyone happens to be looking for the Lujack music video with the clocks, it starts at roughly 4:30 into this clip.

https://youtu.be/tG53Od4CxNM (Part 12)

This must be the start of a new day since they are repeating the set up. Phillip, Rick, and Roxie went out to the car to decorate it with tin cans and shaving cream. They hear a banging and let Suzette out of the trunk of a car and she runs into the country club to find David. Lujack’s video was part of the sensitization too. Love Billy is fighting his programming. Frankly I just love Billy.

https://youtu.be/Fh7PHVWVuOg (Part 13)

Multiple people show up to stop it, but Billy shoots — David Preston. I totally don’t remember that, but that was totally amazing! This hypnotized killer bit was popular in 80s TV shows and movies. Preston comes back too enough to aim at Kyle and Maeve is shot. Suzette finds the gun and picks it up. Good Lord was he wearing a bullet pack or something? How is that guy hit that badly in the chest and just keeps on firing? Preston just seems to with it for a dying guy. He’s just terrible. The one behind it was Largo who is the head of infinity. David claims to have loved Kyle and Kyle doesn’t understand and then he finally drops.

https://youtu.be/5mQHS_j4w_k (Part 14)

Maeve’s bullet is next to her spine so she can’t be moved. Mindy is upset. Lujack gives the detective information that makes it seem like Billy is part of conspiracy.

https://youtu.be/xD5FI8YsmS0 (Part 15)

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