Agent Peterson Cracks July 27 30 2001

Fri., July 27, 2001 – In the Courtroom: Harley and Ross are talking about the divers finding Danny’s gun in the lake. She is sure that proves Gus had something to do with a set up and Agent Peterson may be the key to bringing him down. However, Gus had Peterson suddenly reassigned and he’s on his way to the airport as they speak. Ross tells her to go try to get him to come in and testify because they don’t have time to get a warrant. Harley rushes to the airport. Ross tells Danny that they don’t have any other stalling tactics left so he will have to put Danny on the stand and start firing the big guns at Gus until Harley gets back. When the judge reconvenes court Ross calls Danny to the stand and asks him about the exact positions of he, Michelle and Carmen on the docks. He handed Danny the gun in evidence and asked him to show the jury how he held the gun that night. Danny tells him that he cannot since that wasn’t the gun he had. His gun was tossed into the lake after the shooting. Doris tries to argue but the judge overrules her objection. The judge reminds Ross that he is throwing some heavy accusations towards the prosecution and he had better be able to back them up. Ross assures him that he will be able to. Meanwhile, at the airport, Harley tells Peterson they know Danny was set up. They found the gun and she found the splice in the tape that he doctored to hide where Gus had fired off the weapon himself. Peterson tells her that he isn’t going to testify, he is on his way to NY and unless she has a subpoena she should leave him alone. She tries to reason with him but he isn’t interested. Harley leaves, empty handed. Back in court, Ross talks to Danny about the imminent danger to Michelle and his unborn child and asked if that is when he fired the gun. He also wanted to know why Danny threw the gun in the lake. Danny tells him that he thought he would be brought up on Murder One (murder in the first degree) charges if the cops got hold of it. Ross shows Danny the registrations for two different guns. Danny says he shot his mother with his office gun; the other one was his gun for home. Ross addresses the jury and tells them that there are two different theories in the case, a tale of cold-blooded murder and one of self-defense. If they believe the latter they will have to rule Danny Santos not guilty and this verdict they will derive from the integrity of the evidence. Doris objects again and the Judge states again that Ross will have to prove the evidence has been tampered with. Otherwise he will dismiss the jury and he will rule on his own. He asks Ross if he has a corroborating witness. Ross tells him he has and calls Harley to the stand. Harley isn’t there yet and the judge has had it. He tells Ross to put another witness on the stand, rest his case or he will rule himself. Ross tries to buy for time but as the Judge is ready to end his case, Harley walks in and Gus looks nervous. Ross swears Harley in and asks her about where she was the night before. She tells him that she and a dive team were at the lake. They dived for the alleged gun and found it. They matched the serial numbers and the gun does belong to Danny Santos. Doris objects again. Just then Agent Peterson walks in and Harley tells Ross. Gus looks back at him and is very concerned. Ross tells the judge and jury that he has another witness that will present evidence that the FBI framed Danny Santos.  (Part 1) (Part 2)

Version with Harley’s testimony:

Mon., July 30, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Ross questions Harley who tells about finding the gun and believing that Danny was being set up. She tells the jury that she looked into the surveillance tapes of the day Gus made her summons the entire Bauer clan down to the station. She found that Gus was at the Bauer house alone that day and the tape had a splice at precisely the same time. Ross calls Agent Peterson who tells the jury that Gus told him to take the tape and edit out a sound that he thought was a gunshot. Ross calls Gus. Gus holds that everything is valid.

Ross: ” I know that FBI is having a bad year, but it is monumentally incompetent to end up with the wrong body.”


Ross: “Do you know where it [the bullet] came from?

Gus: “Sure. It came from the gun of your client.”

Ross: “Now how could that possibly be if the body you have is not Carmen. How could a bullet from Danny’s other gun, the gun that wasn’t even at the scene, how could that body end up in a Jane Doe?”

Gus: “I don’t know. Ask your client.”

Ross: “You should pay attention, we did. It’s still a mystery.”

Ross lays out order of events how they have the wrong body, the wrong dental records, and a bullet from the wrong gun. Gus claims the mistakes are all down to the Springfield police forensic unit. Ross presses further that there was a gun shot from inside the house during a time Gus had ordered Harley to haul the entire Bauer family down to the police station for a fairly flimsy reason and Gus himself was unaccounted for. Agent Peterson testified he heard what sounded like a gun shot during that time and had spliced out the sound at Gus’s request.

Gus tells him he was only trying to protect a rookie agent from looking like an idiot and possibly losing his job. Gus blames the noise on an ambient noise, a car or truck backfiring that he can tell from his experience.

Ross: “Wouldn’t experience also tell you the difference between an internal sound and an external sound or are you testifying that a backfiring truck was in the living room of the Bauer house or are you saying, did Agent Peterson lie under oath.”

Gus: “No, I’m not saying that. Agent Peterson THOUGHT it was a gun shot. Agent Peterson was wrong and as his supervisor I instructed him to edit that tape, edit the sound out, so that there would be no misconception.”

Ross: “If it was a [background] sound why bother, why erase it?”

Gus: “He was talking about going to Washington and frankly I was concerned for a new agent who might be censured, might even be fired for an overzealous, all be it understandable, pursuit of justice.”

Ross: “So you’re saying nobody at the FBI, even your supervisor, knows the difference between a gun and a truck.”

Gus: “Counselor, I’m with the FBI and I know the difference.”

Ross tells Gus that he has an agenda against Danny and wants him to fess up. Gus denies it.

Ross: “Agent Aitoro, you have lied about your whereabouts, you’ve lied about evidence, you’ve lied about being in charge of the investigation have you told the truth about anything, Agent Aitoro?”

Judge: “Enough, Mr. Marler. Enough.”

Ross: “Yes, your honor. You’ve heard enough, I’ve heard enough, they’ve heard enough and you are not protecting Agent Peterson, you are protecting yourself because you are so determined to put Danny in jail that you not only bent the law, you broke the law.”

Judge: “Find a question or sit down.”

Ross: “Yes, your honor, I have found a question. The question is why. What is driving you to put Danny Santos in jail no matter the cost? What is worth that much to you?”

Gus: “You’re SO melodramatic Counselor. There is no big mission going on here. There’s…It’s just a matter of bringing a murderer to justice and that is it.”

Ross: “In the timeline of things you didn’t know that. Until Danny Santos testified all you had was a body that turned out to NOT be Carmen Santos and a bullet that you were going to plant on that body. You had nothing to justify pursuing this case.”

Doris: “Is there a question anywhere in sight?”

Ross: “Yes, I have a question. Can you explain your motives?”

Gus: “I put killers in jail. Beyond that my mood, my feelings, my motives are irrelevant.”

Ross: “Irrelevant? I disagree.”

Gus: “Well then Counselor we agree to disagree then. How’s that?”

Ross: “No, we can’t allow you do that because who you are is the core of this case. Who are you, sir? And I ask that question because in fact there is no such person as Gus Aitoro, is there?”

Ross pulls out a file and tells Gus that he knows that the key to the case lies with who he really is. He tells Gus and the jury that Gus Aitoro doesn’t really exist.

My Comments: I’m truly sorry this wasn’t the path they took instead of a red herring. Danny’s right it makes a lot more sense. Plus it would give a bond as well as an antipathy between Danny and Gus and would have given Gus an even better reason to go after Carmen once she came back, especially when he realizes she basically manipulated him. However, you have to give them credit. It was a GREAT red herring. Unlike the last time Carmen “died” there wasn’t a hint that she wasn’t dead. No ghostlighting no almost found, nothing. There was something up with Gus Aitoro sure, but we all read the hints the way Danny did that Gus was the second Miguel Jr. who all we really knew about his life now was that Selena still had his phone number and that he was a lawyer. Gus is a lawyer out to get the Santos family. It all fit like a glove. The idea that Gus was someone else AND that there was a second bad guy was way out of left field. Gus being Miguel was such a bright shiny sparkling thing that none of us noticed the other hand.

Ross’ reveal about the gun was both theatrical and great. It was a total blindside and much more effective than saying this is not the gun. I don’t think the audience even realized that was where the lead up was going. Then he follows up with stuff that isn’t as great a show, but it’s just lovely lawyering setting it up as choosing between two versions, especially because story means so much to soap people. Frankly this is the case where Ross could be Perry Mason’s twin. If anyone is ever looking at the epitome of Ross as a lawyer this is it.

I’m not quite sure why they are so upset about people not being there to testify. Once you call a witness if they aren’t there, the court will go get them. You don’t get to ignore the court. I’m sorry they cut Harley’s testimony so much in the highlight clips.

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