What’s Going on With Harley

Harley Cooper

Harley Davidson Cooper Spaulding Mallet Spaulding came to town as one of the more successful of the show’s attempts to replicate the wildly successful Four Musketeer storyline. Her name was part of a joke in a cute meet. Her name is Harley Davidson Cooper after the motorcycle because her father’s loved the motorcycle brand. She’s played by fan favorite Beth Ehlers.

This attempt at a Four Musketeer Redux didn’t maintain its group, but did introduce a great and important group of characters including a grown-up Alan-Michael Spaulding, Dinah Marler (in a pale version), Harley Cooper, and the very forgettable Cameron. Introduced right after she gave up her baby for adoption, Harley was part of several front burner couples over the years with Alan-Michael, his brother Phillip, and A.C. Mallet. She was also very active in all the mystery storylines going back and forth as a cop, a PI, and briefly an insurance investigator.

Harley and Manny

Hayley Barr as Harley

Hayley Barr as Harley

Michelle knew Harley most of her life and got kind of close to her while she was married to Michelle’s cousin (Alan-Michael). Harley really became entwined in the Manny story when it was Harley’s snooping lead to Claire returning to town. Harley got closer to Rick after their mutual break-ups and after Harley realized she was pregnant with Rick’s baby. She was strong armed into helping with the investigation against Danny and planted the bug in the Bauer house.

Harley Isn’t Herself

During Danny’s trial we see a stranger in Harley’s hairdo and pregnancy bump. That’s Hayley Barr Sparks.

Both of Ehler’s real life pregnancies were written into the soap. Henry was born in 1999 (written in as Zach – via Phillip) and Will was born in 2001 (written in as Jude – via Rick). During both of her maternity leaves Ehlers was temporarily replaced by Haley Barr Sparks.

Who’s Hayley?

Hayley had previously played Courtney Baxter Dixon a young romantic heroine on Guiding Light‘s sister soap, As the World Turns. Courtney was romantically paired with legacy character Andy Dixon. Courtney loved romance novels and had a wonderful romantic, young love story with Andy. This clip from their lovely wedding gives a small idea of just what a fun, great, solid couple they were, look for more.


Hayley dyed her hair to play Harley. She only did a couple of acting jobs after this. Then she did an internship with Annie Leibovitz and has been a professional photographer ever since. Frankly I think they should have brought her in briefly sometime during 2009 and finished off the Harley storyline instead of leaving it hanging like they did.

Here’s an interview with Sparks and her photographer website. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia. She’s a native of Australia.

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