A Soft Place To Land Chapter 6

Republisher’s Note: I’m just going to be posting Manny highlights from the story there’s a lot more going on. Dr. Salas is a jerk of a doctor who for some reason we don’t really know yet is going after Marony and has been pretty horrible to Michelle in her work at Cedars. With my favorite lines bolded. I’m not doing every chapter.

A Soft Place To Land Chapter 6

Michelle was getting her morning coffee at Company when she spotted her arch nemesis, the very bane of her existence.  Seated right there at Buzz’s counter was none other than Dr. Jackass himself.  Mentally she checked her fury at the door, this guy was apparently a big deal at Cedars and it wouldn’t be in her best interest to make him an enemy.  Workplace harmony and all that jazz.   She tapped him on the shoulder and waiting until he turned towards her before she realized her fury wasn’t checked at all. “The next time you question my abilities as a doctor come to me about it.  Crying to my daddy was weak, even for you.” So much for workplace harmony.

Richard Salas just smirked in amusement. “Feisty thing aren’t you?  Your husband must be one lucky man.”

“We’re both lucky to have each other.”

Richard laughed, “How romantic.  Though it is sad to see such passion wasted on one man.”

Michelle was shocked by his audacity, though she wasn’t sure why.   Richard Salas had shown her numerous times what sort of an ass he was.  “Wow. Your ego is so fat I am surprised you made it inside the door.”

Richard merely shrugged, “Guilty.  Though my experience hardly needs any pandering. ” He leaned in and whispered, “Both in the medial field or my personal life if you catch my drift.”

Undeterred by his obvious attempts to fluster her Michelle leaned towards him and sneered, “I am more happily married than you could ever hope to be Salas.  I would hardly call any of that wasted.  And I am sure your gigantic ego helps to compensate for other areas if you catch my drift.” And with that parting shot she grabbed her coffee and headed towards the door.

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