Legend of the Water Glass: A Manny Prequel

Revisiting one of my favorite fanfics I’ve written.

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When I learned the first scene where Manny talk to each other was known as the Water Glass Scene, it flashed this quote into my head and the story soon followed. I hope you enjoy it.


Legend of the Water Glass: A Manny Prequel
by Robansuefarm

“It was only by accident that he had put his lips just where [she] had put hers….Nevertheless, it had a curious significance for her. They two had drunk from the same cup. She remembered idly that an old aunt of hers used to say that when two people did this their after-lives would be linked in some fashion, whether for good or ill.”
– L.M. Montgomery, Rainbow Valley

“So this is Millennium,” Danny thought, as he walked up to the front door. It had been hard to get a parking spot, the crowd was spilling out the door and the music blared. It…

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