There is a destiny… Continued

I love this poem.

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I already blogged with the text of the poem used heavily in early days of the show and revived for the “Hands” opening for the 70th anniversary. You can read that post here:

Apparently some fans didn’t like this “hands” opening, but while I wish they used different images, I loved the poem and even memorized it. However, they referenced over and over again that it was something that Rev. Ruthledge would say, so I assumed Irna Phillips wrote it and absolutely nothing I saw that entire year on the show or in the fan mags or online that suggested anything else.

However, I just watched and favorited on Youtube the 1992 primetime anniversary special for Guiding Light. (Yes, we used to rate that kind of support from CBS. ) In it, some of the older people also quoted the poem, but they gave a different citation. I…

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