Michelle Goes Undercover and Michelle’s Testimony in Danny’s Trial July 23 24 2001

Mon., July 23, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Blake tries to talk to Ross but he is busy looking for Michelle. Ray comes in and Danny asks him if he has seen Michelle. Ray tells him he passed her going the other way on Fifth Street. Gus is watching as they frantically look for Michelle, who is to be called as their next witness. Blake looks over the files she had found while in Chicago and at the photo of young Gus. She tries again to talk to Ross but he is adamant that he is too busy to hear anything right then. Gus tells Doris that he has an idea and pulls her out into the hall. Danny is upset that Michelle is not there. Ross tells him that they need Michelle there to testify now. An aide comes in and tells Ross court is about to resume but Ross tells her they still have 20 minutes, the aide tells Ross that the DA sent the judge a note telling him to cut the recess short. Blake tells Ross that she has news about Gus. He tells her they will talk later. The Judge calls court into session. Ross tells the Judge that the shortened recess is causing him schedule issues. The Judge tells Ross that he should call his next witness. Gus seemed pleased at Ross’ nervousness. Ross tries to stall but the Judge wants him to get on with calling his witness. Ross tells the judge that his witness isn’t there yet but should be there soon. The judge tells him to call another witness now. At the Dentist Office: A very flirtatious, disguised Michelle is bantering flirting with Carmen’s dentist. She talks about Danny’s trial and how she wishes she had the inside scoop. The dentist tells her that Carmen was his patient. Michelle keeps talking about Carmen and the dentist tells her that his records are what the police used to identify the body. The dentist tells Michelle that Carmen had implants and one had punctured her sinuses. She asks to see the x-ray and the doctor goes to get it. He shows her and then notices that the x-rays were not those of Carmen’s, not even close to her mouth. Michelle knew it. The dentist tells her that this isn’t Carmen’s file although it has her name on it. Michelle tells him that he has proof that the body was not Carmen’s. He tells her that he has duplicate files in a warehouse downtown. He writes a note giving his assistant access to obtain the duplicate files on Carmen. Michelle sends the doctor out of the room for something and she grabs the note and runs out. Michelle finally comes back in with the file of Carmen’s records. Ross calls her to the stand and has her sworn in.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bbRFlYG9bo (alternate slightly shorter link, I think the sound might be less well synced)
(Michelle’s Testimony in Danny’s Case)

Tues., July 24, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Michelle wants to talk to Ross, but the judge tells them that there will be no more delays. Ross says that the Bauers are a highly respected family, much different from the name Santos. Michelle tells him that the stigma of the Santos name follows them wherever they go. Michelle says it is her son’s heritage and the name has no negative connotations for her. She tells the DA that not everyone with that name is bad. Ray is a priest; Danny is a good husband and father. Michelle says Danny is better than the people Doris has on her side that framed Danny for this crime with phony evidence. Doris objects. The judge tells the jury to disregard the last statement. Harley asks Gus why Michelle is glaring at him. Ross asks Michelle about her meeting with Carmen that night. Michelle says she was drugged and woke up on the docks. Lucas Carmichael was the name of the thug who drugged and kidnapped Michelle, but she didn’t know his name until he testified. Carmen was cruel and heartless and had hated her from when she first met her. Michelle saw Carmen with a gun and pleaded with Carmen to let her and her baby live. Carmen said Michelle’s child was poisoned with the Bauer blood and deserved to die. She raised her gun at Michelle just as Danny appeared and made a split second decision. She tells the jury that she and Robbie are alive because of Danny’s decision. Referring back to Michelle’s comments about Carmen, Doris asks Michelle if Danny is cruel and heartless and capable of murder and she tells Doris that he is not, it wasn’t like that. Doris asks if Michelle capable of murder and she admits that she is. (See my comments) Doris goes on to tell how Michelle killed Mick, Carmen’s first-born son and Ross objects. Doris asks Michelle what she used to kill Mick. Michelle says a rock in self-defense and again Ross objects. Doris: “Mrs. Santos, you must be one special lady. There’s a lot of people being killed to keep you safe.” First Mick and then Carmen and asks how many Santos members she and her husband have killed and tells her that at this rate only Michelle, Danny and the baby will be left. Danny jumps up and tells Doris to come after him instead of his wife. Gus tells Frank and Harley that Danny is making this too easy. Harley thinks Michelle knows something. Michelle mentions the body not being Carmen’s and Doris asks Michelle if she is an expert witness to prove the body isn’t Carmen’s. Doris says all they have is her devotion to her husband and tells her to show her something else. Michelle holds up the dental file and says she does have proof and begs her to ask about these files. Doris tells the Judge that she isn’t going to hear from Michelle that way. Ross asks to approach the judge. Michelle has evidence and Doris objects. The judge asks to see the file. Gus wonders what they are doing. The judge calls a brief recess to examine the evidence. Doris asks Gus if there is something she should know. Danny wonders what is going on and Ross says Michelle earned a big Mother’s Day present next year. Court reconvenes and Michelle shows Doris a copy of Carmen’s dental records, which could be verified by Dr. Fisher and how they are totally different from the ones the police used to identify Carmen’s body. She tells the jury that there has been a switch and Doris will have to ask their investigators how that happened. Ross asks Michelle what it means if the dental records don’t match. She says the body isn’t Carmen’s. There is a lot of talking in the courtroom and the judge adjourns for the day. Harley asks Gus what he did and he tells her that he is sure the body is Carmen’s.

https://youtu.be/6ve_a0PW-is (Part 1)

https://youtu.be/vmVg_RtYqtE (Part 2)

https://youtu.be/vpLptijRikY(Alternate shorter version)

My Comments:

This short recess thing seems strange to me. I could see if she was late for the regular time of recess, but if someone thought they had a certain amount of time to be gone and they didn’t tell everyone not to leave I don’t see how it could not be OK to be a little late. 

I wonder if Michelle took the name Wanda from the Lewis family secretary. She should know Wanda. Michelle made a mistake getting the file herself. It was coming anyway and it broke the chain of evidence for her to get the X-Rays and they would have been thrown out, although the dentist still could testify. Wanda is a fun sidebar though. Still I’d think Ross would have another witness. Rick maybe or Ray?

Blake’s stuff is important, but not as important as she thinks. Sadly they never do make Gus Aitoro really Miguel Santos, Jr. 😦 

I like Michelle’s speech although I wish she’d thrown in more specifics in her anti-bigotry pitch. The one name she does drop is Jose Marti and how Danny and her read his poetry. A line that would have a lot more power if they’d actually SHOWN them doing that at some point. Also it would have been nice to have them show Michelle have some kind of attempt to celebrate Hispanic culture. Of course they don’t exactly pull out the Wagner operas either (the Bauers are German, Michelle is 3rd generation born in this country).

I don’t think it’s right they call what Michelle did to Mick was murder, it was declared self-defense. “He was coming on to you” that is a terrible thing to equate with rape.

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