Come With Me by Mel Chapter 15

Republisher’s Note: Michelle’s family is concerned. Danny and Ray pick up Pilar from the station.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 15

“Thank you, Arthur.”

“Your welcome miss.” Arthur held the door the open for Michelle. During the whole ride after Arthur picked up Michelle from Drew’s, she had not uttered a single word. This was not lost on Arthur. Usually when Arthur drove her places, she is always talking about this or that; she made comments about everything. Arthur knew the youngest Bauer her whole life, and part of her reason for talking so much in the car was because she didn’t like the silence. This “mood” she was in, was not like her. She walked with no bounce or energy but slow, and lifeless. Arthur never has seen her like this, only when her mother died. What could have happened last night for her to act this way, Arthur thought. To most people Arthur seemed cold and made people nervous. His tall figure towered over many. He was unusually tall for a butler/ chauffeur. His features were strangely attractive; his eyebrows were high arch and jet black. His hair was silver; his nose was straight and narrow. His eyes were a golden ember, glowed against his pale skin. His lips were thin and always shaped in a grim expression, no one saw him smile.

No one could see why Michelle adored Arthur. Only around Michelle and Millie did Arthur smile and laugh. Arthur cold visage would always melt when he was around Michelle. He had been this way with Maureen. In his sixty plus years never did he meet anyone as kind as Maureen besides Michelle. He hated it when he watched Michelle grow up and Maureen couldn’t be there. He always thought of Michelle as a daughter and hoped that Michelle knew that. I better speak to Millie about Michelle new “mood.”

Michelle entered the house and walked straight to the staircase. She could smell the sweet scents from the kitchen. She began up the stairs when she heard Millie voice calling from the kitchen, “Michelle, I drew you a bath. The water should be ready for you. I know how you like it not too hot but just right.” Millie came out of the kitchen wiping her hands in her apron. Millie head was covered with sliver hair pulled back in a bun at the nape of her head. She was sixty – five years old but only looked fifty. Her blue eyes sparkled with warmth. Michelle was little bit taller than Millie was. Millie was Michelle’s nanny, cook, and surrogate mother after Maureen died. Millie was smiling, “Honey, you got a half an hour before Mr. Cooper arrives.”

“Thank you, Millie.” Michelle continued up the stairs and headed towards her room. Millie continued to watch Michelle as she headed towards her room. Millie noticed the change in Michelle. I have to talk to Arthur. Millie went in search of Arthur.

Michelle walks over to her dress table and look into the mirror. Who am I? I don’t even know who I am anymore. Michelle closed her eyes; tears began to fall again. She held her tears when she was in the car and when Millie was talking to her. She couldn’t fall apart in front of them, they would ask questions and she couldn’t lie to them. Michelle wiped the tears, she began to undress. The blow of Danny’s “life” left her lifeless. She hoped that she would see Danny but the news left no possibility of that. She didn’t want to feel this pain, love wasn’t suppose to be like this. When you’re in love you suppose hear birds singing, everything is supposed to be great. Before she met Danny she was fine, she had her family who loved her, she knew of no danger. She had every thing under control, now she was hurting. I need a bath, then I will be fine. I’ll be just fine.

Michelle was now standing on the side of the tub, her fingers dabbling in the warm water. Michelle stepped in the tub, and relaxed. She shut her eyes, and then the memories of Danny assaulted her. She could feel his whole presence in her body. Her lips still burn from where his were. She could still hear the music, and feel his hand gently pressed against her back. She saw the memory clear, her body swaying with his, his face next to hers, his lips… Stop. Michelle open her eyes, I need to stop thinking about him. “Who am I kidding, I’ll never be the same again.” Michelle splashed the water in frustration.

Drew sat in the study, still in shock from what Michelle had told her. She loves him, I can’t believe after just one brief night she loves him. I wonder if I will ever get to feel a love like that. Michelle said she couldn’t stop thinking about him, if that means love then I … No, just because I can’t stop thinking about that Ray, it doesn’t mean I love him… Yes, I am attracted to him, but that’s it. It’s not love, lust maybe but not love. Drew couldn’t shake the feeling that Ray saw something, that he saw the real Drew Jacobs. From the first look that Ray gave her, she knew that he was her equal. Drew knew if she were to get involved with Ray that it would be difficult to control him. But that is not a possibility after all he is in the mob, Drew thought. Drew knew that wasn’t what bothered her, she knew she could handle the fact that he was in the mob, and killed people. What really scared her is that she could fall for him. The shrill ring of the telephone interrupted Drew thoughts. She walked over to the telephone, she heard Mary footsteps to answer the phone in the hallway, “ It’s okay Mary, I’ll get it.” Drew shouted through the doors. She picks up the phone, “Hello?”

She heard a young man’s voice; “Does anyone by the name Drew stay there?”

“Yes, this is Drew. May ask who is speaking?”

As soon as she mention that she was Drew the other party hung up. Drew stared at the phone; “Kids shouldn’t be playing with the phones.” She placed the receiver back on, that was funny he asked if I lived here. As she thought more about the call, the more she began to panic. They know where I live… if they know where I live then…

Michelle! Drew picked up the phone and began dialing…

“Pilar, why must you have so much stuff.” Ray said as he began lifting some of her luggages.

Pilar laughed, “Oh Ray, you should know by now. I never leave with out my essentials.”

Danny laughed at his little sister.

“I don’t know why you are laughing, you need to help Ray and pick up some of my luggage, big brother.”

“Yeah, Danny I know I am strong and as much as I love showing off my muscles, you could give a hand.” Ray had already placed a suitcase under each arm and was holding two suitcases in each hand. There was at least five more pieces of luggage.

“Okay, okay.” Danny grabbed one suitcase and started walking to the car. Ray threw one of the suitcases at him. Pilar laughed, and Danny turned around with a wide grin.

“I was just playing, cousin.”

Pilar was still laughing until Ray threw another suitcase at Danny, “Ray! Those are my things. I have very important stuff in the them.”

Danny retaliated by throwing the suitcase in his hand at Ray. Ray dropped the rest of the bags. Pilar screamed, “Ray! Danny! You two stop this instant. You are ruining my very expensive luggage! Plus my things might get ruined with you two tossing my stuff like it is nothing!” Danny and Ray stopped; Pilar had just sounded like Carmen when she raised her voice. She was younger version of Carmen in appearance. She had her hands on her hips and wore a scowl on her face.

“Sorry, Pilar, we didn’t mean to little sister.”

“Yeah little cousin, we’re sorry.”

Pilar smiled, “Well, you two should pick up the luggage. Let’s get going, I want to see Mama.”


“Pilar! My little baby. Finally you are home.” Carmen hugged Pilar. Danny and Ray stood watching the mother and daughter embrace. Only around Pilar that Carmen put down her guard and be the warm caring mother she was before their father died. It was moments like this that Danny loves to watch his mother.

“Oh mama, I am not little baby any more.” Pilar said as she steps back from Carmen to see.

“I know Pilar, but I can’t help it. You are my youngest. I am not blind, hija. You have grown into such a beautiful woman.”

Pilar smiled at her mother’s appraisal.

“That’s right, she is a vision.”

Pilar turned around to see her abuela walking in from the other side of the room.

Pilar ran to her, and hugged her tight.

“Oh… Pilar. You can let go now. I still need oxygen to breathe.”

Pilar, giggled, “Sorry, abuela.” Pilar kissed her on both of her cheeks. Danny and Ray laughed at their grandmother. She led Pilar to one of the sofas in the room. “So tell me what have you been up to?”

“Met any guapos?” Abuela winks at Pilar and Pilar blushes.

“Oh… she has no time for boys. She’s been busy with her studies.” Carmen said as she sat across from the pair.

“Oh nonsense… Pilar is old enough to date. And besides you were much younger than she is when you married my son.”

“Well, that was different…”

“No, that is not different…”

Danny could see that this was their cue to leave, “Come on, Ray, let’s get going.”

Ray nodded and they both turn to leave.

Both began to leave the room, the three Santos women asked, “Where are you guys going?” in unison.

Danny turned first to answer the women, “Um, we thought we should leave and give you…”

“Three to chit chat”, Ray finished.

“Well, all right. But you two don’t forget to be home for dinner. It is Pillar’s first night back and I want everyone here.”

“Of course mother. We wouldn’t miss it.”

Danny turned and rushed Ray out.

Pilar spoke after they left, “They are up to something.”

Carmen and Abuela looked at Pilar curious.


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