In Honor of Hurricane Sandy Oct 29 2012

Travel back in time to the Great Springfield Blackout of 1992.

Glmanny's Blog

In honor of what everyone is going through on the East Coast, enjoy a “safe” blackout and storm with our friends from Springfield. Here’s the repeat from a post from 2010.

Importance of the Great Blackout

The Great Springfield Blackout of 1992 made soap magazine covers and still had fans talking decades later. It’s an important story for all of Guiding Light history, but is especially important to understanding Michelle and as increased understanding of Michelle improves your understanding of Manny, Mannyacs please read.

The Town Goes Dark

Incredible heat has put too much stress on the Springfield electric system and when Bridget turns on every electric appliance she owns (the final straw is her hairdryer) the entire town goes dark forcing everyone to deal with blackout. It is especially bad because much of the town was attending Mindy Lewis’s wedding to Nick McHenry and they are all trapped in…

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