Michelle Decides to Go Undercover July 20 2011

NOTE: Sadly something else the highlight clips don’t show well at all is the active trickster role Blake played as part of this storyline. Gus showed Blake attention almost since he blew into town. Partially I think he might really have liked her, I mean Blake is kind of awesome, but mostly because he didn’t like Ross because he was defending Danny and Tony and he wanted to mess with him. Blake played along with it to get information (I think she was playing along sooner than the audience was aware). Most recently she’d searched Gus’s room and came up with the photo showing a young Gus (wearing a Cubs hat) that she has paired with other evidence to prove he’s really Miguel Santos, Jr. which is also the theory Manny will shortly come up with. Blake is trying to fill Ross in for the next few episode guide posts.

Danny Testimony Continues

Fri., July 20, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Ross is preparing Danny for his cross exam by Doris. Gus tells Doris to rip Danny to shreds. Court reconvenes and Danny retakes the stand. Doris reminds Danny of his admissions, that he shot his mother and that Carmen hated his wife. Why didn’t Danny admit it from the start that he is a ruthless amoral person who shot his mother in cold blood? Ross objects. He says Doris shouldn’t be giving her biased conclusions. Doris asks Danny why he didn’t go to the police right away. Danny says he didn’t think the police would believe him because he is a Santos. She asks if he called an ambulance. Danny says Carmen was already dead. Doris asks if he had medical training. Danny says there was no heartbeat. Doris thinks Danny was happy that she was dead. She says he wrapped his mother and tied her body with chains, then dumped her. Doris thanks Ross for providing her with an admission of guilt. Tony starts shouting in the courtroom that they are setting Danny up. Tony is so abusive to the judge in his outburst that he is given choice to leave before the bailiffs escort him out. Ross starts his redirect on Danny. He asks if Danny went to the docks to kill his mother. Danny says he didn’t even know Carmen was alive. Why did Danny draw his gun? He drew it because Carmen had a gun on his wife. He only shot her to protect Michelle and the unborn baby. Testimony over and court is recessed. Ross tells Michelle she is next. Michelle tells Danny he was wonderful on the stand. Ross says he is telling a love story and if the jury buys it, he’s a genius, if they don’t, they are in trouble. In the lobby, Gus is lighting up and Michelle takes his cigarette, telling him there is no smoking in here. She tells him Danny is innocent and she is about to prove it. She tells Gus that she is on to him. She knows he planted the bullet but he took the bullet from the wrong gun. It all started with the body that he probably faked too. Gus says they used the dental records for ID and she shouldn’t take it out on him. Blake comes in and says this is Gus’s unlucky day. She is on her way in to see Ross when Gus stops her and asks what she has there. Blake tells Gus she has some research for her next book. Gus wonders why she is so cool to him. He tells her she missed Danny’s testimony. She goes in to see Ross. Ross says he has to prep Michelle for testimony but Danny says he can’t find Michelle. At the Dentist Office: Michelle arrives dressed in disguise and starts flirting with the dentist.


My Comments: Honestly, much like the question about why Michelle didn’t try to help Mick (which only has a behind the scenes answer) why Michelle couldn’t tell Carmen was alive is the weak part of this story. Michelle had more than enough training to do better than that and not only does she not realize Carmen is still alive, she stops Danny when his first instinct is to get help until his cover up training kicks in. In fact, I think they would most likely have been better off long term if Danny had called 911 in a bunch of ways. But they figured behind the scenes they might want Carmen back and if you want Carmen back you have to swallow all this to give her a good shot at coming back. I think Ross is genius to base Danny’s defense on people falling in love with the Manny story, who doesn’t fall in love with the Manny story? Ugh! Catalina is there with Tony so all that mess is going on in other footage. I’m not sure what Michelle was doing with her hand while talking to Gus it almost looked like she was trying to keep pressure on it or something. I love a good feisty Michelle scene and she does a great one facing Gus. Plus, I truly love her Wanda costume and how she plays the dentist. Although they, foolishly in my opinion, never play the Gus is really Miguel Jr. plot this Blake going off to investigate herself it’s really great. It plays on history both in the fact Blake really used to be a PI (in business with Frank Cooper and David Grant) and the fact that Michelle is kind of, sorta of her once a future step-sister a note that I think they should have played a lot stronger and a lot more often. Besides Blake is always fun when she’s playing trickster as she does in this whole storyline with Gus.

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