Come With Me by Mel Chapter 13

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Ray are looking for Michelle and Drew in the 1920s. This time they get a hot lead.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 13

“Ah… Ray what are we doing at a Dress shop?” Danny was looking at the pink and white letters that says, “What every lady needs.” A white dress in the front window, with lace trimming and a full skirt was hanging.

“I remember hearing that George’s dad owns this shop. This is one of the businesses we don’t have as clients.”

Danny looked at Ray, “You mean this is one of businesses that Bernard helps.”

Ray looked at Danny and understood his meaning, “Look we just have to ask George if he knows where Drew and Michelle are. It will be real quick.”

Danny nodded and first walked in the shop.

Hearing the bell ring in the front, George spoke, “I’ll be out in minute.”

George came out to the front from the back storage room with out looking up he spoke. “So what can I do for you…?” He looked up seeing what he wasn’t expecting. Instead of seeing women he saw two tall men in the shop looking at him. Both were dressed in dark suits. One was a bit taller than the other and had wider shoulders. By looking at one of them he could tell that one was the enforcer and the other was the “messenger”. The “enforcer” spoke, “You’re George?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Don’t asks questions when you know we know you’re George.” The guy pulled out his pocket watch from his vest pocket. George could tell that the guy who just spoke offered more threat than the other did. When he looked at George and their eyes met, he knew he was dangerous. “Listen George, we don’t have much time…”George could feel the sweat develop on his forehead. “We just want to ask you a couple of questions.”

“Um… sure what is it you want to know?” George just stood behind the counter.

“Yeah, do you remember a couple of girls last night from the joint you were running?”

“Umm… I don’t know what you’re talking about last night.” George tried to sound not so scared but failed, he barely squeaked out “last night”.

Ray spoke, “I think you do, George.” Ray stepped forward and George step back one step. “Now, you remember a girl with red dress on, you greeted them last night, do I need to refresh your memory George boy?”

George the words stumbled out, “There was a lot of girls with red on…”

“No, George you took their coats. One was wearing white and the other was wearing red. Ring a bell?”

George mind was racing, he knew if he didn’t remember the two guys were going to get mad and that didn’t look too good. Red … whites… who was wearing white and red? Damn it! I took their coats… oh wait… “I took their coats you say… yes now I remember, you must be taking about Drew and her friend.”

Danny spoke this time, “Yes, one was named Drew and her friend’s name was Michelle. We just want to know if you know where we can find these two ladies.”

“I don’t know where either of them stay at. See I known Drew for awhile now, but I never like went to her home or anything.”

Ray took another step forward, “Do know Drew’s last name?”

“Yeah, yeah I know it’s… um… hold on I know it…”George was getting nervous every time that guy took a step forward, he was promising pain. “It’s Jacobs… that’s her name Drew Jacobs.” George calmed his nerves thinking it the end of their threatening presence and shut his eyes feeling relief through out his body until he felt one of them grab him by the collar of his shirt. George was terrified; it wasn’t the guy who kept stepping forward, the “enforcer” but the other guy.

“Now George are you sure?”

George just nodded his head up and down.

“Okay we will take your word for it, but if you were lying we will be back.” Danny hissed out. George’s and Danny’s faces were just inches a part. Then Danny just let go of his shirt and turned around and headed towards the door, Ray looked at George then turned and walked out behind Danny. George leaned against the counter for support, and just heard the ringing of the bell as they exited the store.


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