Come With Me by Mel Chapter 12

Republisher’s Note: More of the thrilling days of yesteryear. Check out a period film of driving a Model T across the country via the Lincoln Highway.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 12

Drew was screaming the whole time Zach was driving. Michelle was having fun. She loved the air in the morning it was so fresh. The rush of air in her face was absolute heaven. She closed her eyes and let the sound of the wind ease her mood. She then thought of Danny, wondering if she will get the chance of seeing him again. She knew that it would be a long time before she would forget about him, but she wasn’t so sure if she would be able to. She couldn’t describe the feeling she was having, but she knew that she never felt it before. I wonder if mom felt this way about dad or grandfather about nana. She then opened one eye and looked over at Zach, who then looked at Michelle and grinned. She glanced back Drew. Drew was gripping the front seat and her eyes were bulging out. Zach was turning the next corner and stepped on the gas pedal a little more. Drew shut her eyes and screamed even louder. Michelle couldn’t help but laugh. Before either of them knew it Zach slowed down to a halt in front of Drew’s place.

Michelle looked at the place and then turned to Drew. “It’s okay Drew, we are here. You can open your eyes and let go of the seat.” Drew opened one eye then the other. She let out her breath; she didn’t even bother for Michelle to open the door. She jumped out of the back of car and over the side. She shot Zach and Michelle a murderous look and ran into her house. Michelle and Zach looked at one another and started laughing.

“Did you see her face?”

“Yeah, I thought for sure she going to yell at me.”

“Don’t worry about Drew, she will get over it. I know I am going to hear it.” Michelle dreaded walking in the house, she knew that Drew would probably start wailing on her.

She open the door and face towards Zach, “Thanks again Zach for everything. I really enjoy the ride.”

“Hey no problem. You know I am here for you.”

“Yeah, thanks. Ring me up sometime.”

“Yeah, I will. I hope you come in a couple of weeks.”

“You kidding me? I wouldn’t dare miss it, Zach. Bye and thanks again.”

Michelle turned to walk in the house and waved Zach good bye.

Zach drove off.

Michelle reached the door and took a deep breath. She opens the door to find Drew in the foyer standing with her hands on her hips, furiously tapping her foot.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danny and Ray sat in the Model T trying to figure out how to find Michelle and Drew. Nether of them knew their last name, so looking in the phone book was out of the question and asking people if they seen a girl with curly blond hair and a girl with short black hair wouldn’t help. There are lots girls with those descriptions.

“Hey, did you see that guy that took their coats, Ray?”

Ray tried to remember if he did get a look at the guy. Then it hit him; the guy that first talked to Michelle and Drew took their coats ran the joint. “Yeah, I think I do. He ran the joint, but I can’t remember the name. It started with a G or something.”

“Come on Ray think… it started with a G what names ring a bell.” Danny was anxious to find Michelle. And the thought that finding her relied on remembering the guy’s name was gut wrenching. “Come on, Ray, you can remember.”

Ray shut his eyes and snapped his fingers, “I know it, Damn it! I met him once or twice. Damn his name. What is name?”

Ray rested his hands on his forehead, and started to concentrate even harder. Then he opened his eyes; “I got it. His name was George.” Danny was excited, this George fella could know where his Michelle was. Ray started the car. Ray had a huge grin. “Come on let’s go. I think I know where we can find him.”

“Let’s go, Ray, and we got to hurry. We have a hour and half before we meet Pilar at the train station.”


Michelle shut the door, “Drew, I know you’re pretty upset.”

“Upset, oh no, Michelle, I’m not upset. The fact that last night we could have been killed…”

“But we weren’t.”

Drew continued as if Michelle didn’t speak, “Then some stranger…”

“He was not a stranger.”

“Who drives like a maniac could have killed us! And you find it funny. You seem to not see the danger in all this.” Drew was pacing back and forth. Mary walked in from the kitchen. “Um… Miss Drew.”

“Yes!” Drew snapped at Mary, but then quickly realized there was no excuse for her to use that tone with Mary. Drew sighed, “Sorry Mary, what is it?”

Mary regains her composure after Drew snapped at her, “Well, miss you have been receiving calls all morning. I wrote the messages down and put them in the study on your desk.”

“Yes, thank you, Mary. Is there anything else?”

“Yes, what would you like to eat for dinner this evening?”

Food was far from Drew mind. “Whatever you decide will be fine, Mary, thank you.”

Mary then turned and headed back to the kitchen.

Drew looks at Michelle, who seems to be perfectly calm. “You seem perfectly all right with everything that happened.”

“Drew, you are over-reacting.” Michelle held up her hand to keep Drew from speaking. “Last night with Nino was frightening. That I will admit, but we got away. Zach wasn’t going to kill us with his driving. I just wish you would have enjoyed the ride as much as I had.”

“Michelle, you got to be kidding me. He was driving like a maniac!”

Michelle started laughing, “What’s so funny?” Drew narrowed her eyes. Michelle was holding her stomach, and laughing “You should have seen your face… it was hilarious.” Drew stomped her foot, and let out distressing sound of outrage.

“I can’t believe you find all of this funny.” Drew looked at Michelle, who was still laughing. Then she looked at Michelle feet and remembered how she ended up barefooted. Then Drew started laughing. Michelle looked at Drew who was pointing at her feet, “Oh man, that was pretty funny, you throwing your shoes at Nino and the other guy.” Michelle then looked at her feet and noticed a few scratches from running barefooted.

“I don’t find that funny, my feet hurt last night. I had to soak them in water after you passed out.”

Drew straightened up a bit. “I guess your right. It’s over and done with.” Drew glanced at herself in the mirror over on the wall by the coat rack. “I better go take a bath. I look terrible.” She then remember Jesse, cringed at the memory, “I got to de-germ these hands.” She said as she looking at her hands and headed up the stairs.

“Yeah you go ahead. I better call Rick.”

“Go ahead use the phone in the study.”

“Yeah thanks.” Michelle walked to the door of the study, dragging her bare feet. He is going to be upset that she didn’t check in. Oh great, Rick is going to give me lecture.

She closed the door, looking at the phone on Drew desk.


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