Pushing Soaps and Johnny Cochran

Revisiting when Johnny Cochran came to “Guiding Light.”

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I found a very interesting article in the March 7, 1999 issue of New York Times. It focused on Renee Ickson Young of New Rochelle, New York (were Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore lived on his TV show). Young was a publicist for CBS Dayitme, including Guiding Light. She planed  parties, coordinated award shows and magazines. Young read the scripts for all the shows and looked for a way to use it to get in the general news. Soap magazines are handled by an outside public relations firm “because there are so many of them and they are so desperate for information on a weekly basis” (as if that was a bad thing?). She also points out the Proctor and Gamble had an in house PR department  to  work soap press. The Bell soaps also had a separate outside PR firm.

Young described how Johnnie Cochran

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