Come With Me by Mel Chapter 7

Repubisher’s Note: Manny’s time at the speakeasy is cut short by the untimely arrival of Frank and the cops.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 7

Frank entered the speakeasy and scanned the place. I wonder how long this place was open for, Frank thought. Frank has been busting bootleggers and speakeasy left and right. Undercover cops who would try and blend among the young folks usually infiltrated the speakeasies and then report to him. But this raid was different, he received an anonymous tip from someone giving the location of the speakeasy. He must admit he never thought that the speakeasy would be located in the suburban area Springfield. The other speakeasies were usually in a dirty building in the more rural area of the city. Whoever concocted this speakeasy was very smart. Frank looked at David Grant who was slapping handcuffs on one of the passed out men. David handed the guy off to one of the other officers, and walk towards Frank.

“How many did we get?”

“Only about ten, the rest ran away.” David was surveying the joint. David let out a whistle and scratched his head under his police cap, “This is some classy joint, eh Frank?”

“Yeah, it is. Who ever set this up was very thorough and had some help.”

“Help? Which family you think help this joint?”

“I’m not sure but I will find out. You think any of the ten will give us any information?”

“No, they were all just young fellas. I doubt that they will know anything.”

“Dammed, I’m tired of the scum in my city. Polluting and corrupting the youth.”

David, looked at his commanding officer he was going to rant and rave again about how the mobsters were running around free and more; more people are being robbed and killed blah blah… David always tuned out. All he saw was Frank’s mouth moving, his hands moving about. Mom wanted me to pick up a few things before I head home, David thought; I have a lunch date with Vicki, hmm… maybe I wear my beige suit or the blue one, she always liked the blue one. David looked backed at Frank and could tell that Frank was coming to an end to his rant. Time to tune in.

“I’m going to catch every single one of these crooks, or my name isn’t Frank “Elliot” Cooper.” Frank was shaking his fist in the air. “David! I want to turn this place upside down, I want every nook and cranny looked at, I want everything and anything to that will be any use. Got it!”

David nodded and started shouting out orders to everyone telling them to search the place. Frank supervised the search, feeling noble and true (hahaha sorry), he put both of his thumbs in his pants, stood up straight. I’m going to put an end to the crime families. Frank smirked, and began thinking how he should pose for the newspapers when he arrested every single mobster in Springfield.

Nino sat in his Model T watching the police invade the nice little suburban neighborhood. He knew that George worked hard at keeping the speakeasy open and he even helped him, but Nino was so angry with Danny he didn’t care, so he made the nice little phone call to Frank. Nino watched all the ladies and men run in different directions. He was hoping that Danny and Ray were caught but he knew they were too smart for that. Nino began thinking about girl in white. He heard her friend say her name. Michelle, Nino smiled.

He then saw a flash of white in the corner of his eye. He narrowed his eyes and four figures emerged from a side of a house, a couple houses away from the speakeasy.


Michelle looked around and saw that they were outside, she heard the sirens and people running but she saw no one. Danny came next to her and pulled her towards a fence and moved the piece of the board aside. Ray still had Drew over his shoulder and Drew was still kicking and screaming, “Let me down, you brute! Let me down!”

Ray dropped her on her bottom and Drew looked at him and glared.

“Drew come on let’s go before someone sees us!” Michelle said

Drew stood up and slapped Ray, then turned on her heels and went through the board.

Ray stood rubbing his face, and smiled. Yep, she’s got spunk. Ray followed them.

They crossed three more backyards, and fences.

On a side of the house Danny peeked out to see how far the cops were. He motioned for Michelle and Drew to go first then he and Ray proceeded.

They started walking to the end of the block, and then Ray disappeared.

Michelle turned to look and didn’t see Ray, “Danny where did he go?” Danny just smiled, and pulled her around a bunch of bushes. Michelle stood there and looked at Danny. Danny smiled, “Your chariot, awaits madam.” Ray was removing some the bushes he used to disguise his Model T. Drew stormed around the bushes and glared at Danny and Ray.

“She doesn’t need a ride, thank you very much.” Drew sneered.

Michelle look at Drew surprised at her rude behavior.


“Michelle, No don’t say any thing.” Drew stopped Michelle and grabbed her arm and pulled her away, “We can get home ourselves, thank you very much.”

Michelle glanced at Danny and blew him a kiss.

Drew was walking fast, the fringe on her dress were swaying back and forth.

The light in the street illuminated Michelle dress.

Ray began to laugh; Danny looked at Ray, “That Drew, she’s one tough cookie.”

“Come on let’s go, before the coppers see us.”

Danny got in the car next to Ray.


Michelle pulled her arm away from Drew; Drew looked back. Michelle had her hands on her hips and glared at Michelle.

Drew sighed, “Come on Michelle let’s get home. Okay before good OLE Frank sees us.”

“Drew, you were so rude to Danny.”

“Michelle come on, we can talk about this when we get to my place okay. Just a few more blocks.”

Michelle began walking towards Drew, when a pair of headlights flashed on them.


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