Come With Me by Mel Chapter 6

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Michelle get closer on the speakeasy dance floor.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 6

The noise put everything to a stand still. Everyone faces were looking into the direction where the commotion was coming from. “Run! Run!” Someone had yelled. Then all of sudden everyone in the place was in a panic. Girls were screaming. People on the dance floor were scurrying about like wild mice.

Danny looked up in the direction of the sound and his eyes widen. Michelle also looked in the same direction and began to pull Danny, “We have to go. Come on!” She and Danny ran off the dance floor, bumping and shoving people. Danny was shielding Michelle while he was leading her through the stampede.

Ray looked from the booth to see someone he despised. Drew’s eyes widen and she let out a screech. She shoved Jesse out of the booth forcing him to fall on the floor. Ray sat up abruptly that Daisy fell on her bottom on the floor. Ray went in search of Danny. Drew was searching for Michelle when she saw Danny and Michelle leaving the dance floor. She grabbed Ray arm and pointed to Danny and Michelle. They both ran to them.

The four of them were crashing into people. Glasses were being broken, tables was being turn upside down from people trying to leave. The orchestra abandoned their instruments. Everything was wild. Danny lead everyone away from the crowd, Drew began to scream at him “You’re going the wrong way!” Drew grabbed Michelle and steered her away from Danny but Ray stopped her.

“No, you’re going the wrong way, this is way were are going to get out of here.” Drew continued to struggle then Ray just lifted her over his shoulder. She began kicking and screaming. Michelle just looked stunned but then Danny grabbed her. Danny led them to a door behind a set of curtains. He let Michelle go first, then Ray with Drew kicking and screaming. Danny looked back at the people running in all different directions. Then he disappeared behind the curtains.

Some people were already passed out from having too much drinking; they were oblivious to everything that was going. A foot began to nudge one of the sleeping figures. The figure just grunted, and continued to snore. Then they nudge him again, a bit harder, “Get up!” The figure grunted and mumbled, “Ah, ma leave me alone!” Then continued to snore.

“I said get up!”

The figure opens his eyes slowly, to find a shining star in his face. The figured looked up and swallowed hard, and gave a nervous laugh, “Hi officer.”


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