Come With Me by Mel Chapter 3

Republisher’s Note: Manny are about to meet in a 1920s speakeasy.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 3

Danny blended with the crowd but never taking his eyes off the girl in white or her dance partner. Danny watched her sway her hips and kick her legs to the beat of the song. She was an excellent dancer. Her legs were nice and smooth and Danny catches glimpse of her thighs every time she kicks. But her partner always seem to put his hand on her wrist twirling her around and place his other on her hip. Danny wanted to shove his fist down his throat. He didn’t like his smug look, he never like him at all.

“She had blond hair, and big blue eyes… that’s Gloriaaannnnaaa” the orchestra was playing and the music filled Michelle’s body.

Michelle was having great time, but the guy was giving her the creeps. Although he hasn’t spoke since he invited her to dance, the way he looked at her made her uncomfortable. Michelle kept trying to put distance between her and her dance partner, for some reason he kept trying to get her closer to him. No way, I’m not going to let him try to get me closer, Michelle thought to herself. He was kind of handsome but there was something in his eyes that she didn’t like. I have to keep kicking so I won’t have to be so close to him. Michelle could feel someone watching her. She had a tickling sensation on the back of her neck. The orchestra finished the song and began to play a slow song.

Oh no, I’m not going to slow dance with him. Be gracious Michelle, just smile and make an exit, Michelle advises herself. Michelle flashed him her famous Bauer smile, “Thank you kind sir, it has been delightful. But I have to go find my friend, Thank you.”

Before she could step back and turn he grabbed her wrist. A smug smile spread on his face, “Oh, come now you don’t have to go just yet. I’m sure your friend is enjoying a company of someone by now. Look I have a bottle of champagne at my table, and I’ll pour you glass.”

Michelle tried to break his hold but it just tightened “Look sir, umm I don’t even know your name. And besides I really…..”

Before she could finish he pulled her to his chest, “That could change, we could get to know each other real well. Hmm, what you think, kitten?” He said in a low voice, but he was beginning to scare Michelle.

“No, I don’t think so.” She said with a force, she was struggling against him “Let go, I said no.”

He wrapped the white beads she was wearing around her neck around his fingers while trying to pull her closer. “Oh come now, don’t you know who I am?”

“No, I don’t care either. All I know is that you’re being a creep.”

He began to get agitated, and Michelle could see that he was only to going to get worse. “Creep, am I. Well, I could change that…”

“No, you can’t. Let go” Michelle began to struggle some more.

“Why you don’t you let the lady go. Obviously she doesn’t like stupid creeps like you.”

Michelle heard a voice behind her and she turned her head to see who it was. Her captive snapped his head up and began to get angry. Obviously they knew each other, because he spoke the guy name, “Well, isn’t it Danny boy. How yea doing, Danny?”

“I’m fine, Nino, except I don’t like the way you’re treating this young lady.” Danny looked at Michelle, “Are you okay?”

Michelle was about to answer when she was cut off, “Why don’t you mind you business, Danny? Why don’t’ you run along to mommy?” sneered Nino.

Michelle looked at the guy called Danny and could see that he was beginning to get angry. Danny was trying to control his anger.

“Nino, let her go.” Danny said in a low tone that made Michelle quiver.

She couldn’t keep her eyes off him. He stood there radiating a sort of strength and danger but she wasn’t afraid of him. When he looked at her, Michelle could feel her whole insides melt. She never had seen anyone who was so beautiful even if he was a man. If it were he who was holding her she wouldn’t want to run instead of this buffoon.

Nino stood there weighing his options, but his temper got the best of him. “What you going to do? Huh, Danny boy?” Nino taunted.

“Nino, you and I both know that you unhanding that lady will benefit you more than me.”

With that a man appeared behind Danny. Michelle eyes grew wide when she saw the new company behind Danny, she didn’t know if the guy was his friend or the jerk’s friend until he spoke, “Danny, is everything okay? Nino wouldn’t be causing any trouble now would he?” The guy was a little bit taller than Danny but bigger. His shoulders were wider and he too was handsome.

“No, Ray. Nino wouldn’t cause trouble if he knew what’s good for him.”

Danny took a step closer. Nino looked down at Michelle and then at Danny.

He released her wrist and took a step towards Danny. Michelle looked around and noticed that a small crowd had formed to watch the confrontation.

Michelle backed away from Nino and stood on the side of them. The guy named Ray kept looking at Nino and then looked behind Nino to see another guy had came and stood behind him. She kept glancing at the two men who stood, she sensed Danny was more dangerous than Nino.

A smile crossed Nino face, “You sure you want to do this? Are you sure you ready for the consequences?”

Danny returned the smile but in his voice was chilling, “I’m ready but are you sure you want to do this, I mean your father wouldn’t be pleased.”

The mention of his father Nino rethought his actions about fighting Danny. Bernard wouldn’t like it if he fought Danny over some girl. Nino looked at Ray and knew his reputation.

Nino shrugged and looked at Michelle, his raked over her figure. She looked at Nino with disgust. He took a step towards Michelle, but Danny stepped in front of Michelle.

Nino laughed and thew up his hands, “Okay, I get the hint. Hey kitten, I’ll see you around.”

Michelle cringed at the thought. Danny spoke, “No, you won’t.”

Nino looked at Danny, with a bit of surprise but said nothing. Nino turned around and began to walk away. The guy behind Nino looks at Ray and spits in front of him. Ray looked at him and began to go after him. But Danny stopped him.

To Michelle, Ray looked like he could paralyze the guy or anyone at that matter.

“Don’t worry about it, Ray.”

“I can’t stand Lance, he’s such a chump. Or Nino either, both pissants.”

Danny laughed at his cousin. Then he looked at Michelle and his eyes softened.

“Are you all right? He didn’t hurt you?” Danny’s voice was so soft that Michelle thought for sure that she was going to melt.

“Um. No, he didn’t. Thank you for that.” He was about to answer when he heard a shriek.

“Michelleeeee! Are you okay” It was the girl in red.

“Drew, I’m okay.”

“Oh my God, Michelle, are you sure you okay? I mean I saw the way he was treating you. I was trying to warn you about that jerk Nino” She paused when she saw the guy Ray was looking at her. But turned away because she knew that Nino was involved with and obviously if they knew him they too was involved. She grabbed Michelle by the wrist and pulled her off the dance floor.

Danny and Ray just stood there and watched as the both of them left the dance floor.


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