Come With Me by Mel Chapter 2

Republisher’s Note: We take our favorite characters back to the 1920s, but they haven’t QUITE met yet. 🙂

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 2

“C’mon, Danny boy, the ladies won’t bite! Ain’t that right ladies.” Ray had a girl in each arm. He was enjoying himself; Danny was content with his drink and watching everyone dance. He felt relaxed, he hasn’t felt this way in long time. Ray was drinking off one the girl’s neck; the girl was giggling and feigning shock at what Ray was doing. Danny couldn’t understand why Ray like these girls with short hair and thin eyebrows; he preferred long hair and nice natural eyebrows. But he has to admit they were fun to be around. Danny laughed at his cousin who just growled at one of his girls. “Ray, you’re the man!” Danny was eyeing the crowd when he saw her.

“Michelle, what you think?” Drew asked while she was scanning the crowd. Michelle had to admit it wasn’t at all what she expected. She expected a dingy small room with a bunch of drunken people and a two-man band playing instead, she found the place nice. The room was fill with people and mini couches everywhere. The place was well, serviced; she saw waiters walking around with bottles of champagne and drinks everywhere. There was a small band orchestra that played up beat jazz and a modest dance floor those guys and gals were swinging and jiving around. There was laughter and a carefree attitude that surrounded her. She felt the energy enter her body. She felt like dancing, her earlier exhaustion disappeared the minute she entered the room.

“Hey there pussy cats!” said A guy standing behind Drew, wraps his arm around her and Drew waist. Michelle was startled by his actions and look at Drew, who turned and was about to swing her purse until she saw who it was.

“Georgey! You scared me” Drew playfully slaps him on the arm.

“Oh, I’m sorry pussycat. Will you forgive me?” He smiles and Drew just giggles.

“Oh, Georgey. This is my friend Michelle. This is Georgey, the guy I was telling you about.”

Michelle looks at “Georgey” and offers her hand. “Hi nice to meet you, you run a nice place.”

He took her hand and kisses it “Thank you pussy cat. Please let me take your coats.” Drew took off her fur coat and handed it to Georgey, “Thanks you’re a doll.”

Michelle handed him her coat. Then turned toward the dance floor when the band began to play a song that she absolutely loved. Michelle began to tap her feet and turned to Drew; “I love this song.”

Drew smiled; “Look there is where Georgey say we can sit” She pointed to a booth, where great views of the dance floor. Michelle just glanced and turned back her attention to the dance floor.

“Care for a dance, beautiful.” Michelle look at the man who had dark hair and brown eyes. Before Michelle could answer, he took her hand and led her on the dance floor.

Drew was about to warn her but it was too late, Michelle was on the dance floor.

Danny saw her in all white and she didn’t look like any of the girls that hung around this place. Her friend next to her, looked like all the girls in the joint. But the girl in white had her curls pulled back. The sparkle of the combs on her hair made her hair look like there was gems in her hair. She didn’t wear much make-up, not like she needed any. Danny looked at her lips, they were red and stood out with her dress. Danny caught his breath when he saw her smile. Her smile made her even more beautiful. Danny was caught up in her beauty he didn’t notice that Ray was calling his name until Ray threw one of the girl’s heels at him. “Ouch…jeez Ray…” Danny was upset that Ray made him look away from the girl.

“Danny, I was calling your name for awhile. Hey… what was you looking at?” Ray looked in the direction Danny was looking.

“Ray, do you know that girl in white? I never seen her before.” Danny nodded his head towards the girl in red and the girl in white who just gave their coats to a guy.

Ray looked at the girl but lost interest in the girl in white but was looking at the girl in red. “Nah, never seen her before but I remember seeing the girl in red. She’s been here a couple of times. Why, you interested in the girl in white. Go talk to her then. ” Ray turned back to the girls.

“I think I’ll do that.” Danny was about to go ask the girl to dance or a buy her drink. When he saw who was talking to her, he stopped. His jaw tightened when he saw whom it was taking her out on the dance floor.


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