Come With Me By Mel Chapter 1

Republisher’s Note: I gave insights about the set up of this in the intro, look at it if you haven’t. 🙂 Otherwise we’re back in the 1920s. Drew Jacobs and Michelle are best friends. Drew Jacobs has gone “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and wants Michelle to hit all the flapper stereotypes. (FYI the IT girl was Clara Bow and for those in the know – aka most people – IT meant sex.) Ray and Danny are both in the family “business” which includes both a protection racket, gun running, and racketeering.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 1

“Michelle… come on. Everyone is doing it. It’s all the rage.” Drew kept insisting that Michelle cut her locks. But Michelle was not having that. No way… she couldn’t understand why the women now were cutting their hair to the “bobbed” look. Bobbed what a name for a look, Michelle thought. The look should belong to some guy name Bob. Drew had her hairstyle like June Marlow. I do admit it does look nice but not on me, No way. I never thought Drew would be out of her Colleen Moore phase, and now she wanted to be the “IT” girl.

“Drew, I told you no… okay. Leave it alone.” Michelle couldn’t help but laugh at Drew. She looks demented with swinging a pair a scissors around and rolling her eyes every five minutes.

“It’s bad enough that you’re dragging me to this…. What is it.. Oh yes a Speakeasy….” Drew practically begged for me to go with her. I just got back from seeing my father in Europe and the long voyage was bad enough. Now I’m getting ready to go to a place where cops could raid. Not to mention Rick would lock me up if he ever knew where I was going. I really don’t want to go, but I didn’t want to be alone. Bill was in Chicago for business and wouldn’t be back until next week and Rick was working a double shift at the hospital. Drew …well Drew was the only one here. If Bill were here, I would be having a nice evening with my best friend and his family.

” Drew… do I have to go? I mean I just returned from Europe and I’m tired. Couldn’t we just have a nice and quiet evening?”

Drew just rolled her eyes,” Yes, Michelle you have to go! Don’t worry my friend Georgey runs the joint. It’ll be so much fun you’ll see.”

Michelle finally relented. ” Fine, but stop swinging those scissors around before you hurt yourself. I’m not cutting my hair and that’s final!”

Drew pouted for moment and gave up. Michelle was not budging. “Okay… Okay… Okay…geesh but you will wear makeup and dress like me.” Oh No, Michelle thought, dress like Drew would be a big mistake. Her taste in clothes was the opposite. Drew looked like an overdressed doll. She had the thin eyebrows and heart shaped red lips and little pink rouge circles on both cheeks. To Michelle she looked close to a clown. But for some reason guys like it.

” Umm… Drew I’ll do my own make up and I’ll pick out my own clothes if that’s okay.”

“Oh please Michelle. I seen your clothes and you might as well be a nana instead of a 21. How you expect to get guys dressed like their grandmother? No, you’re wearing my clothes and that’s that.”

“My clothes aren’t that bad…” Drew gave a look saying, “You got to be kidding me” “Fine I’ll wear your clothes but I’ll pick”.

Michelle goes to Drew closet and started looking at her evening dresses. Every other dress was all fringe or cover with sparkles or both. She had all different shades of red; there was a deep red to the shade of red that a blind man could even see. Then she saw it. In the mist of the sea of red was a white dress. The dress had a modest amount of sparkles but had lace that draped just beneath it. The material had pattern of roses. It was light and soft; Michelle received sheer pleasure from touching it. At the bottom of the dress was a single row of fringe and the hemline was short. Michelle held the dress against her and saw that the dress came just above her knee. The back of the dress was open and it didn’t have any sleeves, so her back and arms would be bare. Michelle smiled at herself in the mirror. Drew turned to look and her nose squinted, “I don’t wear that. Not my taste really. But you could have it if you want.”

Michelle turned and looked at Drew, “Thanks, do you have anything that goes with this?”

Drew went back to applying more lips rogue, “yeah, I think the matching coat in there.”

Michelle put the dress down and began to play with her hair.


“Daniel!…. Daniel!” Carmen was impatiently waiting for Danny to appear. Carmen didn’t like to wait.

She wanted to hear about the shipment of booze. The cops have been busting most of the bootleggers in town but Carmen didn’t care, her competitors were put out of business. Which increased the family business by over 50%. She felt absolute power in her grasp. Only a matter of time before she ran all the flow of liquor in town. There is just one problem — Bernard. They had settled a truce but Carmen knew it was only a matter of time before he starts to get money hungry. Damn it, where is he?

“Daniel! ” She waited “Dietz!” Dietz comes trotting in the family room.

“Yes, boss,”

“Where is Daniel?”

“Right here, Mother,” Danny came strolling in where a pin-strip dark suit. He removed his hat. His curls were slicked back with the exception of a few curls popping out.

Danny pulled out a watch that his father had given him, from his vest pocket.

“Daniel where have you been? I have been calling your name for quite a long time.”

“I just got home mother, it’s five after eight. You should know that it would take me awhile before I return from the docks.” Danny went to sit down on one of the chairs.

“Daniel, you know we can’t afford any mistakes.”

“Save it mother, I already heard about the how we need to be strong and show no weakness. blah blah blah.” Danny was getting tired of hearing his mother go on and on about how he needs to be strong and that there is no room for errors. He wasn’t a child; he knew what would happen just like what happen with Mick.

“Daniel, I don’t like your tone of voice…”

“Mother please, I’m suppose to meet Ray in a half and hour. Could we hurry this up?”

“Daniel,… I know this has been hard but you really need to…”

Danny cut her off before she could finish; he was getting tired of this.

“Listen, let’s talk business okay. The shipment went smooth, no incidents occurred. Everything was loaded on the trucks and shipped to every speakeasy.”

“Nothing happened?”

“Nothing mother, they was no signs of the coppers anywhere or Bernard’s men either.”

“Good, what about the fur coming in tomorrow night? Has everything been arranged?”

“Yes, Ray will be with me when we meet the trucks tomorrow night.” Danny began to pick the lint off his suit.

“Good, good. Now Danny I want to be careful I have a feeling that Bernard is up to something.” Danny head snapped up, ready and alert.

“What did he threaten you? What happened?”

Carmen was pleased that Danny was attentive. Family loyalty had been drilled into Danny the day he was born and to protect or react to any thing those threaten his family. Carmen shook her head, “No, but I don’t trust he will stay by the truce, so you and Ray better be careful. You two are my family now and I need you, the family needs you.”

“Yes, mother. I know ” Danny kissed Carmen on the cheek. “I have to go now, don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.” Danny took one more look at his watch. In about a half-hour, I will have a drink in my hand and any girl I pick in the other, Danny thought can’t wait to get started. “Better hurry, Ray doesn’t like to be late for the festivities.”


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