Danny Testifies About Carmen July 18-19 2001

Note: The link today includes Danny’s Testimony about killing Carmen. In the interest of time, I didn’t transcribe all of Danny’s testimony, but I plan on doing that for his and Michelle’s testimony later. I’ll add a link when I do.

Wed., July 18, 2001 – Outside Company, Ross and Danny are working on a plan. Ross asks if this is what Danny wants to do and he tells him it is. At the Bauer House: Ray and Tony come in and are talking to Michelle. They are upset at how Ross is handling the defense and Tony thinks he has bought out to the other side. Michelle tells them that Ross will be there soon. Tony thinks someone got to Ross. Ray says they will use this time to talk to Ross calmly and ask him to explain what he is doing. Michelle says there has to be an explanation; Ross is a decent and loyal man. Tony says people turn all the time. Ray says Ross defended Tony when he needed it and he should give Ross the benefit of the doubt. Tony agrees. The doorbell rings and Ross comes in. Tony yells at him and asks who he is working for. Michelle and Ray are concerned about Danny and tell Ross they are just having trouble understanding his approach. Ross says he wants to get Danny acquitted. Tony doesn’t buy it and asks Ross whose side he is on. Ray tells Tony he won’t get anywhere with a confrontation. Michelle tells Tony to take it down a notch but Tony is still angry. Michelle wants to understand Ross’s strategy. Ross says it would take a long time to explain it but he is committed to getting Danny off and they will just have to let him do his job. Tony says Blake could do a better job. Michelle goes over the evidence and tells Ross that Gus faked some of it. Ross says they have been over this before. Tony thinks they need a new lawyer. Michelle tells Ross that she thinks Gus planted the body as well. Ross says they need facts or the jury won’t trust them. Ray and Michelle suggest DNA tests on the body. Tony tells him to take the idea or he is fired. Danny arrives and wants to know what is going on. He tells everyone that he is satisfied with the job Ross is doing and he wants them to stop arguing with him and leave so Danny can talk to him alone. They leave. Michelle tells Ray and Tony it is as if Danny wants to be convicted. Ray tells Michelle to do whatever she has to do for Danny. She says she won’t let him go down without a fight. Harley comes in and runs into Tony who is angry seeing her and leaves. Michelle asks Harley if she gave any thought to her idea about Carmen’s body. Harley tells Michelle she is looking for Rick. Michelle wants to talk and Harley tells her that she also would like to talk to a woman since the men in her life are driving her batty.

Thurs., July 19, 2001 – In the courtroom: Michelle recognizes one of the thugs who kidnapped her. He is Doris’s next witness. Ross wonders where Blake is today. Doris asks Mr. Carmichael about who was his employer on November 14. He says he was a driver for Carmen. The last time he saw her was on the docks that night. He picked up Michelle and drove her to the docks with Carmen. The two women were arguing over Danny. He says Michelle was disrespectful to her mother in law. Danny arrived and tried to intercede. They continued to argue and then Danny walked away with Michelle, turning and shooting Carmen. He quotes Danny as telling Carmen he didn’t have to put up with her any longer. Ross takes his turn to cross-examine the witness. He goes over Carmichael’s criminal record and asks about a plea bargain. Ross insists Michelle was drugged and kidnapped by Mr. Carmichael and taken to Carmen. Ross asks him if he is standing by his story. Mr. Carmichael says Carmen wanted to straighten some things out with Michelle. Doris’ case is finished.

(I’m going to transcribe Danny and Michelle’s testimony later. I’ll add a link here when I do.)

Ross wants to make his previously reserved opening statement, allowing Danny to do it in his place. Ross asks Danny if he fired the gun that killed his mother. Danny says he did. Ross asks if Danny loved his mother. He says he did at times. For a long time he did what his mother wanted and she was pleased. Carmen vowed to make Michelle’s life hell when he married her. She framed Michelle for murder. Carmen agreed to go into the witness protection program but the night before she was to leave, Carmen was shot in front of Michelle. He goes over the miscarriage, etc. When Michelle was pregnant again, Danny planned to start fresh in another place. He went to pick Michelle up from the hospital, but Michelle was missing. He goes over finding out Carmen wasn’t dead, finding her holding a gun on Michelle at the docks, etc. She told him she would kill Michelle. Danny tried to reason with her. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt. He promised Carmen they would go away and not tell anyone she was still alive. Carmen turned her gun on Michelle. Danny says Carmen thought Danny was his father and Michelle was Selena. Danny begged for his child’s life but Carmen wouldn’t listen. She cocked her gun and Danny shot her. After he made sure Michelle was okay, he threw his gun into the water and put Carmen’s body in the lake. Ross asks how the prosecution proved another gun was the murder weapon. Danny doesn’t know. Ross says defense of life yours or another’s is not a crime. Danny was protecting his wife and child. Ross: “….Why did he keep quiet for so long? Well I propose to you that Carmen and Miguel Santos for years on end forged a dysfunctional family where only obedience to this twisted family code would bring attention and affection that a child needs. When Danny Santos fell in love with Michelle Bauer he found for the first time unconditional and true love. Carmen knew it and was jealous of it and on the dock that night Danny was forced to make a choice to go forward with love or to continue to evil. Now it’s your turn to make the decision about whether Danny Santos should be punished for that choosing love over evil.”  Court is in recess. Tony is upset that Danny came clean during his testimony. Tony objects that Danny plead not guilty and just said he was. Ross and Danny explain that it was the murder part Danny wasn’t guilty of. Trying to hide the truth that he killed his mother would only make the jury think he was lying about it all.  Gus makes some gibes against Manny. Danny is ready for Doris’ questions but doesn’t want Michelle to take the stand. Ross says he will see what happens. Tony: “You can’t trust these people.” Danny: “Tony, you’ve got to trust somebody.” Ross calls Blake on her cell phone but she ignores it. She is on to something very big. In Chicago: At the police records office, Blake is reading files. Sgt. Kaplan brings a soft drink for Darlena. He thinks it is a coincidence that she is researching her book while he is reading the other one. He looks at the picture. She asks if he recognizes someone; he looks more closely and says a blast from the past. She asks Kaplan if he recognizes the man and boy in the picture. He recognizes the man, Joe August. He was big on the organized crime unit in the 70s. They used to drink beers before…He gives her something to read about what happened. Kaplan won’t buy her next book if she writes about that; he would rather forget. Blake is growing more and more curious about Gus.

NOTE: Both of my go to highlights clips have very low audio. I’m sorry and adjust your equipment accordingly.


My Comments:

Again, frustration with the highlights clips. While I truly appreciate having this much, I don’t understand how they left out things I think are important beats. I’m sorry we didn’t have the furor from Michelle and Tony in the available clips. See I told you Ross was on it with a Perry Mason move reserving his opening statement.  The use of flashback images only under the audio of Danny’s testimony confirming what he was saying is brilliant. As later revealed backstory, Gus had actually taken a murder rap to protect Eden (his very undeserving sister) so hearing Danny’s story, did he feel even the slightest bit of remorse or understanding, or was HIS hate for Danny’s father so strong that he never processed what Danny said emotionally. It seems like the only part where he shows concern is fear his role in fabricating evidence would be exposed. I’m also sorry they didn’t show Blake’s part in this. She really took a lead in discovering the truth and as this period was the only one where they played Michelle and Blake as once and future step-sisters. I’m truly sorry that they aren’t showing that.

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