Meta Bauer’s Trial

Remembering Meta Bauer’s Trial – one of the landmark soap opera storylines with a major Manny connection.

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Although conveniently forgotten during Mary Stuart’s run as Meta Bauer, the character’s most famous storyline was when she shot and killed her ex-husband, Ted White, after his forcing their young son to take boxing lessons directly led to Chuckie’s death. Listeners heard Meta Bauer White, standing over her husband’s dead body after she shot and killed him, on September 22, 1950 say: “Do you know what fear is like now, Ted?” It was a soap opera first when Irna Phillips let listeners decide the guilt or innocence of Meta Bauer White, especially because listeners had heard her commit the crime. Below is a partial transcript to how this was originally presented to listeners back in 1951.

Announcer: “This is Bud Collyer, ladies and gentlemen, speaking from the courthouse where the trial of The People vs. Meta White [nee Bauer] has reached its highest point of interest. The defendant herself is…

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