Love in the Afternoon by Ed Zimmermann

I honestly loved this book and highly recommend it (except for chapter 1, chapter 1 is just odd).

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I have to thank one of the blog readers for this suggestion. It’s been long enough I can’t remember which one, but please speak up so I can thank you again. (I know now it was Trish, see update below. ♥) If you want a copy after you read this, sadly it’s out of print, but there are enough copies that it’s a fairly easy used book find on any used book website.

Zimmermann, Ed. Love in the Afternoon. New York: Pocket Books, 1973. Originally published Bobbs-Merrill Company in 1971. SSN 671-77562-6 LC 70-142482

Ed Zimmermann played Dr. Joseph ‘Joe’ Werner #2 on Guiding Light from 1967-1972. He took that lived experience and poured it into a book that is novelization not of the story, but of the behind the scenes experience of being part of the Guiding Light cast. Although it begins weak and kind of confusing, it…

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