Young and the Restless Invasion of the Body Snatchers

For awhile it was like invasion of the body snatchers on The Young and the Restless. It seemed for awhile like every single story involved someone who either had surgery to double as someone else or just miraculously happened to look like someone else. They had been doing it occasionally for years, for example Ashley’s husband Blade Bladeson who was tortured by his twin Rick, but suddenly it was a tidal wave almost as if a certain alien ship had arrived….

During August 2015, Phyllis actually had to say something like people who look like you and take over your life, that just doesn’t happen. Having had that EXACT experience herself and see it repeated over and over again around her, Phyllis doesn’t have a leg to stand on. In the last 10 years or so, that’s pretty much ALL that ever happens in Geona City.

Some of these examples were courtesy of a Twitter friend. A round up with photos of some of these pairs in the June 15, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

I’m not sure I’m getting this in chronological order, but these all hit within a few years time.

Nick Reed (Nikki’s dad) – Rex Sterling – This double act was never acknowledged on screen. The actor who played Nikki’s abusive dad (who she accidentally killed) returned to the show years later as con artist Rex Sterling who Kay Chancellor reformed with their marriage.

Blade – Rick – Blade and Rick were twins and an early contestant in the double, double, everybody’s got a double contest. Blade was a world famous photographer who romanced and married Ashley. After months of psychological warfare, Rick kidnapped Blade and took his place as Ashley’s husband. In an interesting twist, not telling Ashley that he had a psycho twin was not the only part of being a husband Blade was bad at and Ashley was delighted with the new behavior of her “husband.” After the real Blade came back they broke up.

Kay – Marge – Years ago a chance encounter with waitress Marge who just happened to be a Kay lookalike set wheels turning in a criminal’s head which involved Marge taking Kay’s place. Marge eventually helped save Kay from the kidnappers Marge had fallen in with and all was forgiven. When Marge was in trouble fighting alcoholism and depression she desperately reached out to fellow recovering alcoholic Kay. A car crash when they both were in the car gave Kay amnesia and killed Marge. Kay’s family members who hadn’t heard of Marge in years and knew nothing of their recent contact believed Marge’s body to be Kay’s. Kay was rescued by a friend of Marge’s who knew nothing about Marge’s lookalike and so believed her to be Marge and convinced Kay that’s who she was before true memories resurfaced and Kay finally reclaimed her own identity.

John – Alistair – Jack conveniently stumbled on a duplicate of his late father who he hired to play John’s ghost. Jack used as a weapon against Gloria (which as she was mainly to blame for John’s death and a terrible scandal that almost bankrupted Jabot – she kind of deserved). Alistair fell in love with Gloria and confessed all, exit stage right.

Cane – Caleb – There was a HUGE fan outcry when Cane, part of the very popular Lane pairing, was killed off the show. When the show relented and wanted to explain how Cane, shown shot point blank on screen was still alive, they invented an evil twin who had accidentally died in his stead and whom Cane then briefly impersonated to keep his father off guard despite the terrible effect his actions had on Lily.

Phyllis – Shelia – After an extended reign of terror on both The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful (taking time out to raise a few kids), Shelia had cosmetic surgery to look like Phyllis to take her place as a scheme to get closer to Lauren and her baby. This time Shelia’s plan was to kill Lauren and take her baby. In the final struggle between Shelia and Phyllis one was shot. They say it was Shelia, but I honestly always thought the better story was if Shelia has been playing Phyllis all along…..

William – Jeffery – The Young and the Restless lucked out when they got primetime (Dallas/Knots Landing) great Ted Shackleford for a short term role. (Ironically both characters were involved with Gloria who was originally played be Val Van Ark, Ted’s longtime romantic lead on primetime.) They played out the storyline as originally envisioned which ended in William’s death. Again fan outcry and Shackleford’s willingness to stay, led them to bring the actor back. This time he was playing Jeffery, William’s twin and a character the polar opposite of his good guy brother.

Patty – Emily – During the 1980s Patty Williams was a major character as Paul’s sister, Jack’s wife, and Danny’s secret love, but when she left she disappeared completely. For years I cherished the hope that she would return a strong, capable business woman ready to Chuck Norris both Jack and Victor, metaphorically. Sadly she returned just the opposite as a continued victim who had been thrust into permanent mental issues by the treatment she received. Patty decided the only way to get her life back was to take someone else’s and came back wearing her psychologist’s face (courtesy of plastic surgery via Victor). Emily, the real psychologist, showed up, but Patty got worse becoming an actual physical danger to people and possibly a murderess before leaving town having literally escaped from a mental facility. One of her crimes had been to kidnap Emily and arranged for her to either to be killed by embalming or be buried alive. A returned Emily was beyond livid that “true love” Jack hadn’t been able to tell her from Patty and stormed off permanently from the marriage.

Lauren – Sarah – Sarah was Shelia’s sister and her impersonation of Lauren which featured strikingly colored lipstick lead to her being known by fans as Lipstick Lauren. This was literally story duplicating itself because the back story became that Sarah had been Patty’s nurse and had taken Victor’s idea of coming back with a new face to heart (although AGAIN this exact same thing was done by her sister so it couldn’t have been a completely new idea – did she go “say that’s right,  I remember I COULD do that”). After some good old-fashioned long distance torture, Sarah captured Lauren and Jana in a convenient, abandoned, outdoor zoo and took Lauren’s place. Frankly I think this was a MUCH better plan than Shelia’s. I mean if you want Lauren’s life who do you come back as? Eventually Lauren was rescued and in the process shot Sarah. (Final Score: Team Lauren 2 kills, Team Shelia 0)

Cassie – Mariah – Cassie’s death was a BIG deal on The Young and the Restless. Her death not only resulted in the semi-permanent destruction of her supercouple parents, Nick and Sharon, and the kick off of Nick and Phyllis, but also was referenced for years with continuing memorials, breakdowns on anniversaries, and occasional ghostly visits. Even though more people and even children have died over the years (Colleen Abbott anyone?), Cassie’s death was the one that really made a lasting mark on the show. Years later we discovered that Sharon actually had twins when a young adult and very fun and snarky Mariah showed up in town first gaslighting Sharon and later emerging as actually real. In real life Cassie’s ghost was so popular TPTB decided to turn her into a real live girl after all.

Jack-Marco – The latest example was when Victor and Kelly kidnapped Jack and dropped Peruvian drug lord Marco in his place after somehow magically discovering Jack’s double. After Jack escaped a standoff with Victor led to Jack agreeing to keep it quiet, Victor dumped him back where he found him having cut off an ear so they were no longer identical.

Final Score:

Sudden Twin – 4

Miracle Doppleganger – 4

Plastic Surgery -3

Winner = Moratorium on Doubles storylines for at least a decade or so

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